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1978’s Great Moves Was A Bizarre Party Game From Hasbro

Friends, as an employee of the Retroist Vault it probably goes without saying that I’m not one to socialize all that much – you won’t find me at a lot of parties. Not that I don’t see groups of friends at dinner or at the arcade, all laughing and having a good time…and feel a slight sense of regret that I’m such a shut-in. I suppose I’ve just never been all that comfortable in groups of people – I’d rather be at home with my Wife, watching a movie or reading a good book. Having said that, it’s not like I haven’t attended parties in my life either, I don’t actively seek to avoid them…but I can tell you in all honesty…those I’ve attended never matched the craziness that is going down in this TV commercial for Hasbro’s Great Moves.

At it’s heart, Great Moves is a version of Robert Angel and Gary Everson’s Pictionary – which was published back in 1985. So the former dates the latter by a good seven years, to say nothing of the fact that Great Moves lends itself to more bizarre situations.

Players draw a card to determine what they must attempt to draw – using a marker that is attached to a random body part. For example if the spinner lands on a stomach space, the artist must naturally try to draw using only his stomach area. In addition the other Player must also let the spinner decide where the blank board is to be attached.

As I’ve already stated, this is just a bizarre party game concept to me but I also remind myself it was the 70’s. What’s even crazier though than the Great Moves game…is how many celebrities are in this commercial. Right off the bat, let’s start off with pointing out that Barry Williams – better known as Greg Brady is featured in the ad!

That’s not all either as Roz Kelley who played Carol “Pinky” Tuscadero, the girlfriend of the Fonz in Happy Days also appears in the commercial.

Next up is Peter Isacksen who portrayed Seaman Pruitt in 1976’s CPO Sharkey in addition to Captain Stubing’s Nephew in a 1978 episode of The Love Boat!

Last but certainly not least is the esteemed Fred Berry, best known for his role as Rerun in What’s Happening!! and it’s 1985 sequel series What’s Happening Now!!.

Okay, prepare yourself for the majesty and the spectacle that is the TV commercial for Great Moves!

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