Classic Reload Is Alive With the Sound of Sega’s Art Alive!

Classic Reload Is Alive With the Sound of Sega’s Art Alive!

Art Alive was released for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive in 1991 (North America), March 27, 1992 in Japan, and 1992 in Europe. In actuality, it was released before Mario got his own art game (which was released on August 1, 1992 in North America). Art Alive, in actuality, was the answer to expensive personal computers by giving kids with a console a fun art game.

Art Alive! featured stamps of popular Sega characters ToeJam and Earl, as well as a certain blue hedgehog named Sonic.

Of course, you could also draw and color. At least, as much as you could with the limits of a gaming controller and not your hands, or even a mouse like personal computers or that other console art program.

Sega did it first, Nintendo, but did they do it better?

Let’s Play Art Alive!

I could go on and on about Art Alive and regal you with screenshots, but I’m not going to. I found it on Classic Reload, so we’re going to actually play the game.

Well, I’m going to play, you’re going to watch, but you’ll get to hear my lovely voice talk about it during play.

So let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get creative with Sega Genesis’ Art Alive!

Thoughts and Takeaways

Art Alive’s concept is cute and mildly entertaining. For a young child in the early 1990s, this was the ultimate art canvas – good clean painting, drawing, and coloring pictures. It is limited in what it offers beyond the younger set, as there isn’t much beyond basic artwork and motion stamps.

It didn’t offer mini-games or music-making, but Sega left that to a sequel game.

Oh yes…

There’s A Sequel!

That’s right, because kids didn’t get enough of Art Alive! (presumably), Sega made a sequel!

1994 saw the release of Wacky Worlds Creative Studio, and offering a little more in terms of playability, and (seemingly) taking cues from Mario Paint and its offerings.

It even has Sonic and Tails on the cover!

Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio was released as part of Sega Club, a mid-1990s series of Sega games marketed to younger players that saw releases in 1994 and 1995, before being discontinued at the time of the Sega Saturn’s release.

I’ll be looking for this game for a future article idea, as it looks like it has a little something to offer. But until then, thank you Classic Reload for having games that capture the nostalgic, young-at-heart gamer with a good memory.

Seriously, check out their offerings, as they are vast!

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