Retro Radio Memories: Revolt Of The Worms (1942)

Retro Radio Memories: Revolt Of The Worms (1942)

Friends, welcome back to a new Retro Radio Memories offering – the first of 2019! We have a doozy for you this week, a chilling little tale entitled Revolt of the Worms that originally aired on the CBS radio network back in 1942. However the version we are actually going to hear today isn’t from the Lights Out! version of Revolt of the Worms. Our offering today is courtesy of Arch Oboler’s The Devil and Mr. O from 1970!

You see, in 1970 a total of 25 episodes of the legendary Lights Out! old time radio series as well as an episode of Arch Oboler’s Plays were chosen to be syndicated – with Arch Oboler himself acting as host for these re-releases. As the Old Time Radio Plot Spot rightfully points out – thanks to these syndicated versions, we are actually getting a better sounding radio broadcast than from the original 1942 airing.

We’ve shared more than a few stories from Arch Oboler in past Retro Radio Memories offerings – including on some of the podcast versions. One of the most famous being Chicken Heart – a story that my Grandparents remembered hearing when it was broadcast, it stuck with them well enough that they regaled me with the story as a young boy.

For Revolt of the Worms, it concerns a botanist named Charles Prentis who has something of a stubborn streak in regards to his research on roses. In an attempt to create a new variety of roses, the botanist seeks out a secluded spot far from the city – taking with him on his ‘retreat’ is Claire, his Wife as well as his assistant – a young man named Jackson. Charles’ desire is to create a gigantic rose, a feat that the World will readily approve of…the problem is with the leftover miracle elixir the Botanist concocts, the remainder is dumped on the ground. Where it comes into contact with Earthworms and has a very shocking consequence!

Grab your favorite snack and beverages, turn down the lights is possible and join us for Revolt of the Worms!


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