Christmas Cap’n Crunch

Christmas Cap’n Crunch

What stays crunchy even in milk?! If you answered “you, Monstermatt!” then you’re wrong. I’ve tried it and I get soggy. Yuck! No, no, no. The answer I’m looking for is Christmas Cap’n Crunch!!

Cap’n Crunch has been a part of every growing young boy or girl’s breakfasts since 1963. And in 1988, Quaker Oats made everything even better, by introducing the Christmas cereal treat!! I didn’t know about it until the early 90’s (maybe ’92?) as I didn’t really do much grocery shopping and my folks were hooked on Grape Nuts or whatever.

I don’t buy a lot of cereal annually, but I have not missed Christmas Cap’n Crunch since that ?rst box. It’s difficult to say no to holiday shaped red and green cereal! In some years , there are Christmas themed toys in the box. There are usually some ornaments to cut out from the box or craft ideas using the cereal. I mean, the Cap’n is putting out all the stops!! We still have some of the toys and ornaments around. I’d have to get Indiana Jone’s help ?nding them!

I know, you’re saying, “ aren’t there other Christmas cereals out there?” and the answer is yes. Here’s an honorable mention to Holiday Rice Krispies, Holiday Lucky Charms, Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch, Holiday Fruity Pebbles, etc.

The Cap’n Crunch is so popular, that I’ve sent boxes to friends in other states and countries. Never heard anything but rave reviews. One year, the local stores weren’t going to carry it and I contacted Quaker Oats to express my dismay. They were kind enough to track down some boxes and have that store ship them. They also sent some Cap’n stickers and things for my kids. One of the stickers is still on my tool drawer at work. Luckily, the stores learned the error of their ways. My family and I look forward to the cereal every year!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

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