Did You Know Hall and Oates Recorded “Jingle Bell Rock” Three Times?

Did You Know Hall and Oates Recorded “Jingle Bell Rock” Three Times?

Previously (in 2015), On Retroist…

Daryl Hall and John Oates made all our dreams come true with a very rockin’ rendition of a classic Christmas tune and GE Smith (soon to be of the Saturday Night Live band) dressed as “Grandma” and totally played guitar like a boss. But what I didn’t know in 2015 was that there was not just one version, nor two, but three!

That’s right! In 1983…

There’s Daryl’s Version…

But There’s Also John’s Version…

And because two recordings in 1983 weren’t enough, they tried again in 2006!

And Then There’s a Re-Recorded Version!

This was the version as heard on their 2006 Christmas album (and eighteenth studio album) Home for Christmas. If you haven’t heard this one, it is an excellent album and definitely something a little different. I’d say it was the Christmas album they should have done in 1983, but 23 years of waiting is fine, when the album sounds this good.

But why would Hall and Oates want to remake something that clearly worked the first time?

It Wasn’t Broke, But They Tried It Again Anyway

The whole “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage could apply here, but in the case of Hall and Oates remaking “Jingle Bell Rock” for a more contemporary sound, feel, and audience, this is a really good idea.  I love the original version (ok, both original versions), but this update is alot of fun. It had a more 2000s sound, while still capturing the magic of a signature Hall and Oates sound.

As I said, in 2015, I didn’t even know there was a second version of the song, but it turns out that the record had the same song on both sides – Daryl’s version on one side, John’s on the other, and even the music video was slightly different, specifically at the end:

How Daryl’s version ends:

How John’s version ends:

The ending is actually the biggest difference in the video. The only other difference is whoever was singing was the one featured more prominently in those final moments before the big finish:

Daryl’s version:

John’s version:

How About Some Love for One of These Versions?

There are only subtle differences in the videos (aside from who is singing, of course), but the biggest problem I have with these music videos is that John Oates’ version doesn’t have as many views on YouTube.

That’s right, as of today, Daryl’s version has one million views versus John’s version having 136,000. They were uploaded at the same time, but I guess his version falls victim to the “we didn’t know he sang it too!” problem.

Remedy that, will you? I know we can’t get the video to one million views by Christmas Day, but we could certainly try to get the viewership up!

Merry Christmas!

Your author, with (from left to right) fiancee James, Talia (age six months), and Chi Chi (age five years – she’s Talia’s mother!). Oh and The Big Guy too!

From this one-woman show, to all of you out there, I’d like to wish all of our readers a very happy, safe, healthy, and above all, Merry Christmas! Remember the reason for the season (besides cool nostalgia, of course!). Enjoy your day with family (or those you call family), and I’ll be back after Christmas! :-)

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