Take A Look At The Retro Inspired DC Primal Age Toyline!

Take A Look At The Retro Inspired DC Primal Age Toyline!

Friends, as I have been known to say to anyone who might be willing to listen, Funko is going to eventually rule the World. And considering their releasing products like the DC Primal Age toyline – I for one would like to welcome our new pop culture Overlords. You might recall a couple of months backs when we shared the news about the horror-themed Savage World action figures. Where us Fright Fans were presented a line of Masters of the Universe appropriate sized action figures for Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, and Pinhead to name a few. With the DC Primal Age series, it follows the same principal although this time of course it features some of DC Comic’s most popular heroes and villains!
DC Primal Age - Heroes

Right off the bat, I should probably share this interesting bit of information. It certainly appears that this isn’t wholly an idea born from Funko but a long ago abandoned project by the legendary Marv Wolfman. Legendary best describes the man who co-created the likes of Blade along with Gene Colan and helped make The Teen Titans a megahit for DC Comics along with George Perez. It has been said that back in 1983 DC Comics was attempting to create a toy line/comic and cartoon series hybrid known as the Primal Age – with Marv Wolfman helping to shape the sword and sorcery world featuring familiar characters in a strange setting. Considering that in 1982 DC Comics along with Paul Kupperberg as well as artists’ George Tuska and Alfredo Alcala were publishing a Masters of the Universe comic…
DC Primal Age - Masters of the Universe

…is it hard to believe that DC figured out that the pie was big enough for them to take a slice? Even Marv Wolfman on his Twitter feed chimed in with a blast from the past concerning the DC Primal Age!
DC Primal Age - Marv Wolfman(1)

For a little more information – at least an insider’s glimpse at what might have been you can listen to Dan DiDo talk about what he thinks DC Primal Age might have been. You can jump to the 5:50 mark to get to the interview itself.
[Via] DC

But what characters make up the first wave of the toyline? This Primal Age presents sword and sorcery versions of Batman, Green Lantern, and of course the majestic Wonder Woman.
DC Primal Age - Batman - Green Lantern - Wonder Woman

Aquaman has been included to be sure that oceans of this new and savage world are kept safe – which is a good thing as King Shark and the power-mad Joker are ready to cause trouble.
DC Primal Age - Aquaman - King Shark - Joker

As is the likes of the Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze – surely two denizens of inhospitable areas of this new Primal Age.
DC Primal Age - Scarecrow - Mr Freeze

However, the cherry on the top from this offering by Funko and DC Comics has to be…the Batcave Playset!

The great news is you can totally start adding the action figures to your collection or gift certain Retroist employees if you so choose – just by following the link to Amazon.

But wait…there is one more awesome bit of fun for the DC Primal Age…how about the animated opening of the ‘lost’ TV series?

[Via] Original Funko


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