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Remember The Magic Of A Power Records Christmas!

In the ancient days before streaming services … before file-sharing … before the home video revolution … before the cable TV explosion … in the swinging 1970s, a kid’s rainy day entertainment options were limited. You had three channels on TV, you had comic books, and if you were really in the know, you had story records – and the most storied of story records was POWER RECORDS where the ACTION comes ALIVE as you READ!

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Power Records was a subdivision of Peter Pan Record Company, which was headquartered in Newark, New Jersey. Peter Pan got its start in the 1920’s as a plastic company that produced buttons, but after the Second World War, the company branched out into making vinyl record albums – specifically albums aimed at the kids of the Baby Boom generation. After many years of producing records with stories and songs about traditional children’s characters – Humpty Dumpty, The Three Little Pigs, you name it – the ‘70s dawned and the company created the Power Records label as the home of story records featuring characters licensed from TV and movies – Star Trek! Planet of the Apes! The Six Million Dollar Man! And Super-Heroes from DC and Marvel Comics! Now we’re talking!

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The success of the first Power Records releases led to an expansion of the line, and by 1977 – the year I got my first record player and my first set of Power Records – the label branched off into holiday territory with a record called “Exciting Christmas Stories with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman” – a veritable Mount Rushmore of DC Comics superstars and all having Christmas adventures before your very ears!

Power Records Christmas -DC Comics Power Records

Superman’s tale foreshadows the movie “Superman IV – The Quest for Peace” by ten years, with an oddly political story of a madman who wants to bring about a nuclear war (!) and plans to achieve his goal by – go with me here – rigging the nuclear launch trigger to the button the president pushes to light up the White House Christmas tree in Washington D.C.(!!!) Can even Superman save the day? Find out in “Light Up the Tree, Mr. President”!

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The next story features perhaps the most lighthearted portrayal of Batman you will ever hear, as in “The Christmas Carol Caper” Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder stroll down the streets of Gotham City, jauntily singing Christmas carols, while avoiding a Rudolph the Red Nosed Hitman on their way to a local soup kitchen. Can you dig it?

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And finally, after Nazis (!) on a nuclear submarine tunnel under the North Pole and kidnap Santa Claus, its up to Wonder Woman to rescue the jolly old elf and safe Christmas … FOR ALL OF HUMANITY … in “Prisoner of Christmas Island”!

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I hope you enjoyed these offbeat Christmas stories and that you’ll spend some of your holiday downtime exploring more great Power Records stories! If you want to do some exploring, check out Rob Kelly’s Power Records Blog, or the Power Records Podcast, and the Power Records Childrens Records Book and Tapes group on The Facebooks! Merry Christmas, everyone, and remember to turn the page at the sound of the beep!
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