The Video Game Art Of Randy Gallegos Is Remarkable!

The Video Game Art Of Randy Gallegos Is Remarkable!

Friends, as most of you are well aware, I have the privilege of working at a fully functioning and thriving arcade. I suppose it was due to when I was born of course but video games have always captured my attention – from the likes of Space Invaders to Pac-Man to Fallout 76. I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, obviously, as the success of the arcade proves – video games over 35 years old are being embraced by little kids whose first video game experience are provided on the PC or the Nintendo Switch. So when the Retroist was kind enough to send me the link to artist Randy Gallegos…I just felt a huge grin spread across my face as I looked at the amount of exceptional artwork – focusing on everything from the Nintendo Entertainment System to Milton Bradley’s Microvision handheld games.

Randy Gallegos - Milton Bradley Microvision
All Images courtesy of Randy Gallegos.

When Milton Bradley released the Microvision back in 1979, it just so happened to mark the first handheld electronic device that featured interchangeable cartridges. Featuring Block Buster, a game most definitely inspired by the 1976 classic game Breakout – but it also had a cartridge for bowling to Connect Four. I cannot tell you properly how much I really wanted the Microvision back in the day but I’m afraid to say that I never received one…yet!

[Via] Vintage TV Commercial and Advertising

Randy Gallegos through his site – Hearts for Hardware, shows off and offers his video game console and peripheral artwork for sale. As you might expect there are some ‘modern’ gaming consoles that Randy has been inspired to create artwork for but for my money, it’s his painting of the likes of Mattel Electronics Intellivision that takes my breath away.
Randy Gallegos - Intellivision

It wasn’t just the Intellivision that the artist focused on, obviously that juggernaut of a home console, the Atari 2600 has also been depicted by Gallegos.
Randy Gallegos - Atari 2600

Of course I am happy to say that Randy has in addition painted the ill-fated TurboGrafx-16. The very system that my best friend and myself were able to obtain as well as a copy of Splatterhouse so many, many years ago.
Randy Gallegos - TurboGrafx16

So now that you have had the pleasure of seeing some of Randy Gallegos’ video game related artwork – hop on over to his Hearts for Hardware site. With the Holidays fast approach you just might be able to find that perfect gift for the gamer in your life…or possibly even your favorite arcade?
Randy Gallegos -Krab Jab Studios


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  1. Those are amazing!! I thought the first one was just a picture of a Pong, not a painting.

  2. Eagles409, I was in the same boat when I first took a look at the painting, my friend!

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