PayLess Drugs Christmas 1981 TV spot

If you lived in the Pacific Northwest during the last century, there are very, very great odds you’ve heard this little Christmas jingle. The song is simple, it goes a little something like this.

“Merry Christmas from PayLess.”

Simple, yes! But forever was it burned into the collective conciseness of inhabitants from Port Angles to Boise. From Bellingham to Sacramento. Approach any random Washingtonian, any Oregonian, any Idahoian, or any Californian and ask them if they remember the Christmas PayLess Drug jingle. Odds are, THEY WILL! And without prompting, they will most likely even sing it for you!

PayLess Drug was my families’ go-to for…EVERYTHING! Clothes, toys, clothing, cameras, 1 hour photo, sporting goods, hunting, fishing, camping supplies, and aspirin on occasion. PayLess had it all! A wonderland for adults and children! Every trip there was an adventure. 1981 was an epic time for Star Wars toys, so a run from the car to the toy aisle happened each and every time.

PayLess is gone now; I miss it very much. It was a staple of Northwest shopping trips for millions of families.

-=Posted here as a bonus, you also get a little local toy store flavor via Warehouse Toys (also long gone).=-

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