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There Is Still Time To Catch Jim Henson’s Holiday Special

Friends, on Monday night I was able to see Jim Henson’s Holiday Special, an opportunity from Fathom Events that let those of us in attendance watch both 1977’s Emmett Otter’s Jug-band Christmas as well as 1984’s The Bells of Fraggle Rock. Remastered for the big screen, it certainly helped me find some of that Holiday Spirit that has so far alluded me this season. Of course when watching the work of Jim Henson, Jerry Juhl, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Marilyn Sokol, Paul Williams and so many more – it’s hard to not just smile but appreciate the message of Jim Henson’s Holiday Special.
Jim Henson's Holiday Special

For what it might be worth, the attendance for Jim Henson’s Holiday Special was pretty good – especially considering that the Emmett Otter’s Jug-band Christmas television special came out 41 years ago. Heck, Fraggle Rock itself is celebrating it’s 35th anniversary this year and yet, thankfully, there were many children in attendance as well as us old-timers. As a matter of fact I am EXTREMELY happy to share that there were numerous moments throughout the evening where children and their parents were clapping and even singing with the specials themselves. Of course it’s nigh on impossible to not want to join in on the fun I suppose, especially with Paul William’s beautiful music and the vocal talents of Nelson and Sokol filling the auditorium.

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Much like every Fathom Events there is just a little something extra to enjoy, in this case – brief interviews with the likes of Cheryl Henson, Paul Williams, and others. In addition I should point out that the version of Emmett Otter shown in Jim Henson’s Holiday Special…is uncut – as in you will once again see Kermit the Frog back in the TV special!
Jim Henson's Holiday Special - Kermit

Believe it or not, attending this special event, was my first time to actually see The Bells of Fraggle Rock. Growing up we didn’t have access to HBO at least not at that time so I suppose that explains on how I missed this wonderful Holiday episode. If you too haven’t had the pleasure it involves Gobo Fraggle finding he can’t muster up the Holiday spirit regarding the Festival of the Bells. That time of the year where the Rock slows it’s spinning and it is up to all Fraggles to ring bells – to awaken the Great Bell that is hidden within the heart of the Rock. In attendance for the event is Cantus the Minstrel (Jim Henson) who does his best to help Gobo see the truth of the festival.

Now as you could guess from the title of this article, you still have a chance to catch Jim Henson’s Holiday Special!

In select theaters you can catch a second showing of Emmett Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas and The Bells of Fraggle Rock on the 16th – in the case of my local theater that is a matinee showing. So grab your Friends and Family and head out to see this wonderful event and enjoy the legacy that the Jim Henson studios has left us!

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