Upcoming Stranger Things Season 3 Game Has 16-Bit Power!

Upcoming Stranger Things Season 3 Game Has 16-Bit Power!

Friends, have you had a chance to check out the Stranger Things season 3 game trailer yet? It debuted on the 2018’s The Game Awards just a few days ago – with an introduction no less by the Duffer Brothers! I’ll put the Stranger Things season 3 game teaser down below so you can check it out for yourself – but at the moment I’m pretty excited about the upgrade from the 8-bit graphics of Stranger Things: The Game from 2017!

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Apparently it is being developed once again by Netflix as well as the Bonus XP studio, which were responsible for the mobile game in 2017 – which just so happens to have been download 10 million times. For what it’s worth I can tell you at the arcade – that mobile game was quite popular. For the 2019 Stranger Things season 3 game, it definitely looks to have been developed with a nod to both 1993’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors as well as Shadowrun. The game is being described as a “meticulously crafted Action Adventure RPG that pays homage to the 16-bit era,” thanks to a press release.
Stranger Things Season 3 Game - Hopper Punch

In addition to the Stranger Things 3 game involving the still secret plot of the third season of the popular Netflix series – it looks like it’s coming out on every popular modern gaming console from the Xbox One to the Nintendo Switch and apparently a version that is scheduled to be ported to mobile phones too. Sadly there is no exact date as of yet but judging from the trailer below it looks like it’s going to feature a lot of David Harbour’s character of Police Chief Jim Hopper getting violent!
Stranger Things Season 3 game - Hopper Charge

Although having said that, in the introduction below – the Duffer Brothers do mention that the game will support co-op so I suppose we might be able to play all of our favorite characters from the series. Probably…NOT…Dr. Martin Brenner though, right?

I should also point out that, thanks to that teaser for Stranger Things season 3, featuring the Starcourt Mall, it certainly looks like Players will be able to visit the Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlor in said teaser trailer.

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Now then, take a few minutes to grab your favorite beverage and a handful of Eggo’s and check out the trailer for the Stranger Things season 3 game!

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