Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of The Magic Eye!

Celebrate The 25th Anniversary Of The Magic Eye!

Friends, do you recall the wonder and curiosity of the Magic Eye? Well, it appears that Andrews McMeel publishing has released a 25th anniversary book recently collecting some of the best 3D illusions as chosen by Cheri Smith, the owner of Magic Eyc Inc. as well as being co-creator of the 90’s phenomenon. Andrews McMeel publishing was kind enough to send us a copy of the book and it brought back some interesting memories – involving crowds of people at my local mall all attempting to see the hidden image within the artwork. In my case it was a collection of maybe ten pieces of Magic Eye art – resting on easels out in the bustling food court. I would very much like to say to you that I stood with the group of the curious and was able to have my eyes focus enough to reveal the hidden image. That however would be a bold faced lie – as I never was able to see the picture clearly in my youth. Thankfully starting back in 1993, Magic Eye books were published so I could take the time at home to get the illusion to properly work and not feel so embarrassed standing in those crowds.
Magic Eye - Football

For what it might be worth this 25 anniversary book edition does include a few helpful hints on how to better be able to see the illusion within the full-colored image on each page. The images themselves range from such subject matters as peaceful garden photographs to a day at the beach and even some imagery suitable for Halloween as well as a collection of dogs.

Magic Eye - Dogs - Andrews McMeel Publishing
Image courtesy of Andrews McMeel.

There have as of date been twenty-nine Magic Eye books published since ’93. The first three volumes in fact were popular enough to stay on the New York Times bestseller list for a total of seventy-three weeks straight. The popularity supposedly led to the owners of the company actually being contacted by none other than the CIA – to let them know they had come under investigation – for the possibility of sending secret messages through their artwork!

So if you feel like revisiting the past a little or perhaps know of a loved on that enjoys Magic Eye illusions, you can head over to Amazon or visit better book dealers today and grab up your copy of the 25th anniversary book!

Just remember to relax when looking through the 25th anniversary Magic Eye book…otherwise you might not be able to see the sailboat!


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