Happy Honda Days SpokesToys: Creating Childhood Excitement in an Adult World

Since 2014, Honda found a way to appeal to our inner child, whose grown up outer child needs a new car. They’ve made this possible through the Happy Honda Days SpokesToys!

Of course, they also used Michael Bolton in 2013, but he isn’t that exciting.

At least, not when there’s toys involved!

2014: The Beginning of Happy Honda Days SpokesToys

I was watching 21 Jump Street on Hulu one night in November 2014 (it came up in my memories recently, that’s the only reason I know), when I saw a Happy Honda Days commercial for the first time.

Ok, it was the first time I saw this one particular commercial, since I’d seen the Michael Bolton Happy Honda Days commercial the previous year. My dad was convinced Bolton was hard up for work when he did the commercial. I’m sure that’s not the case, but we’ll let my dad think that.

Anyway, this was the commercial I spotted on Hulu that made me take notice:

Upload via Joaquin Salim

Be still, my geeky heart.

That’s right, Jem and GI Joe. In a Honda. Together. It was every child’s dream coupling come to life…in a sorta creepy way. I mean, did we ever think of a disco ball as part of our dream coupling?

If your five-year-old self answered “yes,” then congratulations…you’re weirder than I currently am.

Since 2014, Happy Honda Days SpokesToys have become the standard in appealing to the car-buying public while catering to their inner child. The aim of the commercials are/were to remind us of the thrill of receiving the toy(s) we coveted for Christmas, and that receiving a car (especially a Honda) for Christmas has the same impact.

The Lexus “December to Remember” Event and its giant red ribbon on a brand new car has nothing on Happy Honda Days SpokesToys!

Who Are The SpokesToys?

Each year has yielded several commercials featuring several popular toys.

Have you spotted all of them over the years?

Check out my YouTube Playlist by clicking on the photo caption of this year’s SpokesToy, the Six Million Dollar Man, and recapture the happiness of childhood.

Meet this year’s SpokesToy (and the others from the last few years): Happy Honda Days (Playlist)

Uploads via Joaquin Salim, Honda, and Wiregrass Honda Dealers

And um, is it me, or are our old toys kinda bitter and mean? Like, take Strawberry Shortcake, for instance.

I mean, cute, sweet, and innocent, until she has to share the spotlight with Blueberry Muffin and Orange Blossom.

Just an observation, really.

Think About It

Is this advertising method effective, and has it ever worked for you?

In terms of your nostalgic childhood, how many of these toys did you have, and did you get them for Christmas?

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