Toon In: Walt Disney’s Goliath II (1960)

Toon In: Walt Disney’s Goliath II (1960)

Welcome back to a new Toon In installment, friends. This week we are going to skip looking at one of the classic Looney Tune shorts that we frequently share and instead focus on 1960’s Goliath II from the Walt Disney Studios. An animated short film – which is a bit longer than the cartoon shorts we normally offer up – that focuses on a runt of an elephant that must prove his worth. And while we aren’t looking at a Looney Tunes animated short this week, like with last week‘s Three Little Bops, Goliath II does have a legendary voice actor – the esteemed Paul Frees.

Frees does not however voice the main character of Goliath II, that honor goes to Kevin Corcoran. Which is fitting as when this animated short film was released back in 1960 it was part of a double bill, the feature film being Disney’s Toby Tyler which featured Corcoran as the titular character.
Goliath II - Toby Tyler

It would seem that Walt Disney took a shine to Kevin as the young actor previously had roles in Old Yeller, The Shaggy Dog and would go on to appear in Pollyanna, Swiss Family Robinson as well as Babes in Toyland to name a few films. In addition to having a few guest roles as Moochie in the Mickey Mouse Club – Corcoran would play a few different charcters with that nickname. Kevin was even given a role on the popular Disney TV Spin and Marty serials.
Goliath II - Spin and Marty

Now Goliath II was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, one of Disney’s ‘Nine Old Men’ – who worked on the likes of The Sword in the Stone, The Jungle Book, The Aristocats and Robin Hood. Speaking of Disney’s 1967 adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Sterling Holloway who voiced the devious Kaa the Snake is the narrator for Goliath II.
Goliath II - Sterling Holloway

The story for Goliath II concerns an elephant, a tiny one however that is hardly larger than a flower – his Father is the leader of the herd, an enormous pachyderm of great strength named Goliath. The problem is in his eyes his young Son doesn’t measure up to his expectations and the tiny elephant’s Mother is forced to constantly watch out for the dangers of the jungle – so her boy isn’t devoured by the likes of tigers and crocodiles!
Goliath II - Danger

Can our little elephant find his place in the herd? You’ll just have to watch the animated short film for yourself to learn the answer. By the way Goliath II was nominated for an Academy Award but lost to Munro – a Toon In offering we shared last year.

When you have a free moment why not Toon In with us and check out Goliath II?

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