Shop Around the Clock with Batman, Robin…and Zayre!

Shop Around the Clock with Batman, Robin…and Zayre!

Holy mistletoe! Zayre’s pulled out all the stops to remind shoppers that they were open around the clock for all your holiday shopping needs. They even had a little licensed character help.

Shop Around the Clock… At Zayre!

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In 1986, Massachusetts-based Zayre Department Stores advertised that they would be open 24 hours a day, all the way up until the end of the holiday shopping season. Not only did they incorporate the use of Bill Haley and His Comets song Rock Around the Clock to get their point across, they also had a little help from a few superheroes known for saving the day. This time though, they tackled the task of Christmas shopping.

Batman and Robin Shop At Zayre!

As I said, the commercial employed the use of Batman and Robin to help convey the convenience of 24-hour shopping. Except for one problem…it wasn’t Adam West and Burt Ward, but methinks that would only have made this Zayre commercial more bizarre than it already was, friends!

A very unconvincing “Batman,” and his equally unconvincing Boy Wonder of a sidekick, “Robin,” need to get their Christmas shopping done. After all, they’ve been so busy fighting crime, Christmas shopping kind of took a backseat.

You know, saving the day and all.

But “Batman” isn’t worried, because they’ll hit up Zayre, which is open 24 hours a day all through the holiday season.

They’ll be able to get gifts for everyone!

Even Penguin. Because “spirit of giving,” and all.

Honestly, if this all sounds a little bizarre (ok, little is an understatement), it is. But trust me, this really happened.

Don’t believe me?

Holy Mistletoe, Zayre!

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Now, do you believe me?

Christmas 1986 featured several commercials that used “Rock Around the Clock” as its catchy jingle to convince shoppers to come to Zayre at all hours and get everything they need for Christmas, at great prices. But of all of these commercials, this one was definitely the most interesting.

As for Zayre, by 1986, their profits began to drop, but several others stores under their ownership (TJ Maxx, Hit or Miss, and Chadwick’s of Boston) continued to increase in profits. By 1987, the company reorganized stores under their ownership into their own subsidiary and grant them autonomy. That was likely a good idea, and in October 1988, the entire chain of Zayre stores (nearly 400 in all) was sold to Ames Department Stores, Inc. By 1990, the chain, the fifth largest retailer, was gone.

But, there was this magical time in 1986 – which, in retrospect, and strictly from what I’ve seen in my own collection, was a magical year for television advertising – when Batman and Robin saved some pennies by shopping at Zayre for all their Christmas presents.

Spirit of giving, holy mistletoe, and all.

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  1. I don’t remember Zayre’s. Maybe they weren’t in my area at the time. I definitely remember Ames though. In my town being branded an Ames kid was way worse than a Kmart kid on the scale of discount department stores for middle school youth.

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