Remember The 1977 Happy Days Glasses From Pizza Hut?

Remember The 1977 Happy Days Glasses From Pizza Hut?

Friends, those of us of a certain age might be able to recall when Pizza Hut was – well – kind of a big thing. I’m sure the same thing can be said of McDonald’s or Burger King or any number of the chain restaurants of our youth. But when I was growing up and until my early teenage years there was one – just one – Pizza Hut in my neck of the woods. When my Family decided to venture out and get some pizza it just felt like it was a momentous occasion – I guess because those visits were so few and far between. Which might explain why I somehow missed out on the fact that in 1977 Happy Days glasses were available at Pizza Hut!
1977 Happy Days Glasses - 49 cents

I can definitely tell you in all honesty that the ABC series was must see television in my household back in the day. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me to learn that by 1977 Happy Days glasses were offered by Pizza Hut as the show was popular enough to spawn toys and even a home pinball table.

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And while it is quite true that the popularity of Happy Days literally reached a point where it jumped the shark …

… I’m still amazed that I had never heard about these collectible glasses before yesterday.

How this revelation came about was thanks to Gary Burton, fellow writer here on the site – who happened to be kind enough to drop by the arcade. He and his Family had recently been hitting the thrift shops in our neck of the woods and had come across one of the Happy Days glasses. Gary asked if I had ever heard of them – to which I admitted I didn’t have any inkling of their existence. Thankfully the internet can generally lend a hand with these matters and while I sadly wasn’t able to find a commercial for the Happy Days glasses from Pizza Hut – I was able to see which characters were given the spotlight.
1977 Happy Days Glasses - Dr Pepper - The Fonz

It’s a no-brainer that Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli, played by Henry Winkler, would grace a glass – but it appears that the Fonz actually had two glasses.
1977 Happy Days Glasses - Pizza Hut - The Fonz

Growing up, it was always Ron Howard’s portrayal of Richie Cunningham that was my personal favorite on the show – so at some point I will have to try and track down this collector’s glass.
1977 Happy Days Glasses - Richie Cunningham

Joanie, Richie’s little sister – who was played by the late Erin Moran also was featured on one of the glasses. Her future TV boyfriend, Chachi Arcola portrayed by Scott Baio, made his first appearance on the show starting in 1977 – but Fonzie’s cousin had yet to gain enough popularity to warrant his own glass at this point I guess.
1977 Happy Days Glasses - Joanie

Warren “Potsie” Weber, who was in the first season of Happy Days Richie’s best friend made the cut to appear on one of these 1977 glasses. Anson Williams who played the part of Potise was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1983 for Best Actor in a Supporting Role by the way!
1977 Happy Days Glasses - Potsie

Now, while Potsie was indeed Richie’s best friend in the first season, the duo became a trio when Don Most’s character of Ralph Malph received a bigger role – which would explain why he too was featured on one of the 1977 Happy Days glasses.
1977 Happy Days Glasses - Ralph

The good news is if you too are looking to maybe fill your retro-themed curio cabinet with these Pizza Hut collectibles from 1977 – eBay has them readily available for the time being and at a reason price for a complete set.

Besides the 1977 Happy Days glasses, Pizza Hut also offered another connection to a popular 70’s TV show!

Because as this TV ad proves – that delicious tasting pizza pie can lure even Three’s Company‘s Richard Kline from the likes of The Regal Beagle!

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