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Enjoy Q*bert And 1983’s Thanksgiving For The Memories!

Friends, from all of us who have the pleasure of working down here in the Retroist Vault, we truly hope you and yours are having a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving. Most of us here at the Vault are about to head down to the food court and join our co-workers for a wonderful lunch – before we call it a day and head home for some Thanksgiving dinner. As a matter of fact, the Projectionist and myself have a nice little retro-related treat for the Vault staff – we found a copy of 1983’s Thanksgiving for the Memories featuring Q*bert!
Thanksgiving for the Memories - Saturday Supercade - The Q Flower

Of course as you probably already know, Thanksgiving for the Memories is actually an episode of the Saturday Supercade animated TV series. Originally airing on CBS beginning on September 17, 1983 it lasted for two seasons, it’s final airing was on December 1st of ’84. It was that wonderful time when the arcades and video games were King – so it only made sense for Ruby-Spears animation to jump on the bandwagon with Saturday Supercade. On a whole it was a collection of animated segments and over the two seasons featured characters from Frogger, Pitfall!, Space Ace, Kangaroo, Donkey Kong as well as Donkey Kong Jr., and of course Q*bert.

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Thanskgiving for the Memories aired on November 26, 1983 although this wasn’t the first video game related special for the Holiday. That honor goes to Happy Pacs-Giving which was shown on ABC on November 5th of 1983.
Thanksgiving for the Memories - Pac Man

As for the plot of Thanksgiving for the Memories, in the town of Q*burg (remember in the cartoon, all structures and objects are cube shaped) the Holiday has arrived and Q*bert and his friends learn all about the founding of their town and it’s first Thanksgiving. How the brave pilgrims first set sail aboard the Q*flower to reach the new Q*world – of course the likes of this land were already inhabited…by the Noser Indians…led by none other than Q*eagle. Naturally things won’t go so easy thanks to Coily and his gang of ruffians trying to muck things up!
Thanksgiving for the Memories - Saturday Supercade - Coily

So join Q*bert and friends in 1983’s Thanksgiving for the Memories!

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