Retro Records: Passage To Moauv (1975)

Retro Records: Passage To Moauv (1975)

Welcome back to a new offering from Retro Records, friends. A little over a month has passed since we last had an opportunity to share a worthy record with you all, so I thought something special was in order. Which I believe 1975’s Passage to Moauv fills that order quite nicely – although with a Star Trek related Power Records story that should go without saying, right? Of course I have to point out that the story for Passage to Moauv was done by none other than Alan Dean Foster – who not only has done numerous movie novelizations but also quite a few Star Trek books.
Passage to Moauv - Alan Dean Foster

To be honest there have been multiple releases for 1975’s Passage to Moauv by Peter Pan Records. The first release I believe was with two other Star Trek inspired audio stories on that label – with it being later released with a book for children to read while listening to their 45 record. Check out that incredible cover artwork by Neal Adams – showcasing the Waul – the alien pet that causes such catastrophe to the crew of the Enterprise in this tale!
Passage To Moauv - Neal Adams - Power Records

Neal Adams isn’t the only illustrator to crow about in Passage to Moauv – because you have artwork from the just recently passed Russ Heath – stunning artwork I would add – with inking by Dick Giordano as well as Adams. Heath besides working on the likes of Strange Tales, Journey Into Mystery, and Mad to name a few – also happened to be the co-creator of DC Comics’ The Haunted Tank!

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As we’ve seen in some of the previous Power Records offerings, just because they were meant to entertain children doesn’t mean that it didn’t have what you might say was disturbing imagery. Case in point, just look at the Retro Records offering for KojakFive Star Final. And while it’s true that Passage to Moauv is set in the Star Trek: The Animated Series universe – like I already mentioned, that doesn’t mean things don’t get a little intense.
Passage to Moauv - Violence

So the synopsis for this Star Trek story concerns the crew of the Enterprise being tasked with safely transporting the Waul, the alien pet of a Moauvian ambassador, to the Planet of Moauv. Unfortunately the Waul escapes and has an interesting way to defend itself!
Passage to Moauv - Russ Heath

So grab your favorite snack and beverage and join us on the Passage to Moauv!

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