Remember Queen’s I Want To Break Free On Nick Rocks?

Remember Queen’s I Want To Break Free On Nick Rocks?

Friends, have you had the opportunity to hop out and visit your local theater to see Bohemian Rhapsody yet? If not you should definitely make plans on experiencing it in an IMAX theater if you have the option – some of the crowd sequences in particular were rather break-taking to say the least. Obviously it doesn’t hurt matters that Rami Malek is knocking your socks off as the late Freddie Mercury but I would also add that Gwilym Lee as Brian May and Tom Hollander as Jim “Miami” Beach deserve kudos as well. This isn’t a post about Bohemian Rhapsody – though seeing the film did trigger a memory I had of the first music video I ever saw for the legendary band. An afternoon when visiting my Grandparents that I caught I Want to Break Free on Nick Rocks albeit – it was a very, very brief viewing.

Now apparently when the video hit MTV and other music video programs here in the United States…it caused an absolute firestorm of outrage. With everyone’s favorite daring and groundbreaking music station actually banning the video from being played – that must have been before I Want to Break Free on Nick Rocks however because I most certainly saw it on the Nickelodeon music television show. Although as I mentioned above, it was a very short viewing. The reason being is I was over at my Grandparent’s house for the weekend and to be frank…music videos…while not banned were indeed frowned upon. So try to imagine the surprise of my Grandfather walking into the room to see Freddie dressed up – this was back in 1984 of course – he promptly stomped across the living room and slammed the TV power off. Of course it wouldn’t make any difference but when I first saw I Want to Break Free I wasn’t aware it was actually spoofing the popular Coronation Street – which is still in broadcast since it’s debut on December 9th, 1960!

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Now while the brief moments of watching I Want to Break Free was my first music video for Queen – it’s not like I didn’t know of their music. I realize that I have talked ad nauseam about this on the site, but I grew up in a house where music wasn’t really a thing. But thanks to the likes of 1980’s epic soundtrack for Flash Gordon I was a lifelong fan of the group before I even knew they had done other albums.

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When Highlander hit the theaters or in my case the local 62 Drive-In back in ’86 I totally became a fan of the band. While it was the late and great Michael Kamen that did the actual score for the film – Queen helped the movie with their thrilling contributions like Princes of the Universe, Don’t Lose Your Head, and A Kind of Magic – plus the moving songs One Year of Love as well as Who Wants to Live Forever.

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While it would take until I landed my first job at a local video store before I picked up Queen’s A Kind of Magic…on cassette tape of course – I quickly began grabbing their past albums. Which naturally included 1984’s The Works where I was finally able to hear the entirety of the song whose music video managed to drive my Grandfather into a fury of righteous indignation.
I Want to Break Free - Queen - The Works

Now then, let’s see if we can make it more than a minute or so into the video unlike when I first saw I Want to Break Free on Nick Rocks!

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  1. I always enjoyed this song and still do. It never ceases to amaze me how good Freddie Mercury was. May he rest in peace

  2. Freddie kept his mustache for the drag sequence but shaved it fornthe ballet sequence, which featured members of the Royal Ballet. And the video has a unique mix that is different from the album and single versions.

  3. Absolutely, James! Rockford that is an excellent point to bring up – although I totally didn’t know that was the Royal Ballet!

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