Wonder What The House From Poltergeist Looks Like Now?

Friends, I want to give a big thanks to John Squires of Bloody Disgusting for the heads up on a rather incredible series of photos on Twitter. The feed belongs to Shawn Kohne, who is most definitely a fan of the horror genre, letting us get a great look at all manner of locations used in films, television series, and even music videos. As Kohne apparently decided to celebrate the month of October by comparing photos from the source material with the ones he took – all found in ‘the greater Los Angeles area’. Now it’s not just the Freeling’s house from Poltergeist that Shawn visited of course, for example he managed to visit the location of Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video!

House From Poltergeist - Shawn Kohne - Thriller
Images courtesy of Shawn Kohne

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, Kohne makes mention this is in fact his second year to go around and check out these locations. One of my favorites is his visit to the unusual location for David Warner’s wax horrors museum in the criminally underappreciated 1988 film – Waxwork.
House From Poltergeist - Waxwork - Shawn Kohne

That is barely the tip of the iceberg however as you could also pay a visit to the Church that holds the cylinder prison for the Devil – as seen in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness. Hey, you could go one step further and do like Shawn has done, standing in the same spot as Alice Cooper did in the 1987 film!
House From Poltergeist - Prince of Darkness - Shawn Kohne

Now I promise we will indeed get to what the Freeling’s house from Poltergeist looks like now but first let’s visit another famous residence – I’m talking about Aunt Elizabeth’s home from 1986’s House.
House From Poltergeist - Shawn Kohne - House

Of course who could forget the iconic Morningside Cemetery from 1979’s Phantasm? Thankfully the threat of the Tall Man and his mysterious minions wasn’t enough to keep Shawn away from the gates used in the film.
House From Poltergeist - Shawn Kohne - Phantasm

[Via] Arrow Video

There are a ton more photos, friends. Make sure to check out Shawn’s Twitter for the full series. He visits the locations for Night of the Creeps, Demon Knight, Twin Peaks and so much more!

If you are still curious what the house from Poltergeist looks like now, here you go!

House From Poltergeist - Shawn Kohne - Poltergeist
After 36 years, I think you’ll agree it looks pretty much the same as when Steven Spielberg filmed it, right?


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