More Info For The 1997 Tales From The Crypt Game!

More Info For The 1997 Tales From The Crypt Game!

Friends, just last week, Jonathan of CryptTube uploaded the third part of his YouTube series taking a deep dive into the cancelled Tales from the Crypt PC game back in 1997. We have made sure to share these updates since last April as more and more information keeps coming to light about the game itself. In fact, Eric Nadler and Joseph Cotten, two programmers involved with Inscape, the company set to bring the Cryptkeeper to our computers at the time were kind enough to comment on Jonathan’s videos. So strap yourself in for some amazing unearthed videos for the 1997 Tales from the Crypt game and more!

In case you haven’t checked out the two previous videos, Jonathan has managed to track down and get input on the cancelled 1997 Tales from the Crypt game from a variety of sources. For one thing Mike Vosburg who provided nearly all of the artwork seen in the Cryptkeeper’s tome of stories for the extremely popular HBO series was a head artist on the game. Furthermore the talented artist was kind enough to send Jonathan a collection of the storyboards that were intended for the game, helping him to piece together the story for the title. Which was a comic book illustrator that went by the handle of Killjoy (apparently modeled after Joseph Cotten) who finds himself working against a deadline – when he’s pulled into the Tales from the Crypt comic world!
1997 Tales from the Crypt Game - The Old Witch and The Vault Keeper

Although thanks to Joseph Cotten, the gist of the 1997’s Tales from the Crypt game is expanded even further. Thanks to some amazing computer animation from the project that the artist thankfully held onto over the years. For example the Old Witch’s character animation for what would have been Big Top Terror in this interactive comic book.
1997 Tales from the Crypt game - The Old Witch - Big Top Terror

All right, enough of my prattling on about the 1997 Tales from the Crypt game – it’s time to see what Jonathan has exhumed, right?

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