Check Out Asiguido’s Awesome Transformers Stop Motion!

Check Out Asiguido’s Awesome Transformers Stop Motion!

Friends, as I shared earlier this year, I am something of a fan when it comes to the Transformers – whether that be the Generation One toys or any one of the numerous pieces of merchandise the franchise spawned. Using the toys themselves I would spend long Summer afternoons engaged in creating Transformers stop motion films. Using a massive collection of Styrofoam pieces from Televisions and other electronic equipment I would construct massive playsets for the backgrounds of the epic battles between the Autobots and Decepticons. There was one major issue with my Transformers stop motion efforts, one that I am happy to say that YouTube’s Asiguido doesn’t suffer from… I had no camera to make my movies.
Transformers Stop Motion - Soundwave - Skywarp

Yeah, I so wanted to make Transformers stop motion short films, that I would use my thumb and index finger to finger frame my toys. After loudly saying ‘click’ I would move the toys a little and repeat the process. As if it wasn’t already obvious from my eight years of writing for this site…I was a very, very strange and lonely child, my friends.

Anthony Siguido or as he is known on YouTube Asiguido, has apparently been doing Transformers stop motion videos for a couple of years, the first I’ve found dates back to 2008. It’s based off a rather memorable moment in 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie – when the Decepticons intercept the Autobot shuttle heading to Earth…and slaughter those within. Siguido uses a combination of backgrounds from the animated movie in addition to dialogue and music, some computer effects and even original G1 toys as well as other Transformers figures to bring it all to life.

Transformers Stop Motion - Megatron - Unicron
While there is pretty hilarious stop motion short featuring Soundwave – there is a bit of language and I won’t share it on this site. However, we do have another video that gives us a stop motion look at the scene from The Transformers: The Movie where a battered and barely functional Megatron is introduced to the all-powerful Unicron.

Now Anthony has also provided an intriguing behind the scenes look at how much work into creating his Transformers stop motion shorts. Enjoy!


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