I’ll trade you Brainiac and Count Viper for the Joker

Welcome to the third annual Best Event Ever. Best Event Ever is an annual crossover about crossovers.
We began two years ago by looking at Bloodlines. For that event, I interviewed Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman about the alien invasion.

Last year, we looked at Eclipso: The Darkness Within. My contribution was a three part series focusing on a forgotten chapter of Batman history – Eclipso ’66. If you’re a fan of the classic Adam West Batman, you’ll love that series.

This year, since it is October, we’re looking at a crossover which goes bump in the night – Underworld Unleashed. Underworld Unleashed focused on a demon Neron who offered both heroes and villains their fondest wishes if they’d complete various tasks in return. Underworld Unleashed crossed over with almost every title DC published, but what I’m looking at today is a non-comic book crossover. In the 1990s, comic books and trading cards became intertwined. It became fairly common for comic books to include a trading card. In some cases, you just got the card. In others, if you were lucky and got certain cards, you could mail them in for ultra rare cards.

Underworld Unleashed took this a step further. Skybox created DC Villains: Dark Judgment a 70 card set as part of the crossover. There were three things which made these cards stand out. First, these cards were all about the artwork. There were many different art styles used on these cards. Second, not only were famous villains like the Joker included, but obscure villains were also featured. Third, the details on the back of the cards were really limited. As I said in above, these cards were all about the artwork. I picked ten cards out of the seventy to showcase the various styles used.

Brainiac – I really like the 60s sci-fi movie poster look of this card. It is one of my favorite in the whole set.

Brimstone – The use of color here is terrific. By using so many dark colors, the flames of Brimstone really stand out.

Count Viper – I’ve never even heard of Count Viper, but I love this card. He looks more like a sword and sorcery character than a super villain. I Googled the character – He was a Hawkman villain who first appeared in Hawkworld #30.

Dominators – Like Brainiac’s card, I love the old school sci-fi look of this card.

Joker – Batman’s arch enemy never looked crazier.

Killer Croc – I really like the use of shadows on this card. Half of Killer Croc’s face is hidden by them. It looks like he is trying to hide in the shadows and you’ve just shone a flashlight on him.

Scarecrow – Having a scarecrow in the front which obscures part of your sight of the villain is a really great design.

Silver Banshee – The use of dark and light colors on this card is terrific.

Two-Face – My favorite card in the series.

Vandal Savage – Using everything from ancient to modern clocks to decorate a card featuring an immortal man is a brilliant idea.

Here is a sample of the back side of the cards. They’re never going to replace Who’s Who In The DC Universe.

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