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There Is A Tron Arcade Game On The Atari 2600?!

Friends, this is the 26th of the month and you probably know what that means, right? Once again it is Atari Day, that fan chosen day of every month where we celebrate all things Atari. Whether that be looking back on the legacy of the company and it’s games or enjoying the new titles that are being made today, especially from the fan community. Just last week we took a look at Homebrew titles that were hacked Atari games – like Keystone Kapers being changed to a game for Halloween II and more. For this Atari Day, thanks to Willie! of Arcade USA in fact, we are going to get a look at something rather amazing. Because after 36 years we are finally getting a Tron arcade game on the Atari 2600!

On the off chance you’ve never had the pleasure of playing the legendary Tron arcade game – it’s basically a collection of 4 mini-games. In fact if you would like to see those games you can check out this short YouTube video.

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For the Tron Arcade game on the Atari 2600, Orange 808 has used Batari basic to program the necessary mini-games. He shared his development on the game on the AtariAge forums just back on October 15th of this year. Orange 808 made a point to thank those in the Batari community and that the core programming for the title was finished within 4 weeks. This port of the Tron arcade game on the Atari 2600 has the MCP Cone stage – where Players are tasked with helping TRON fling his identity disc into the rotating shield wall of the MCP tower. Clearing a path so the Program can safely enter the cone without coming into contact with any portion of the shield.
Tron Arcade Game On The Atari 2600 - MCP Cone

Orange 808 has also included the Tank stage of the 1982 arcade game – where the Player must travel a maze on the Game Grid and dispatch the enemy tank forces of the MCP.
Tron Arcade Game On The Atari 2600 - Tanks

In this port of the Tron Arcade game on the Atari 2600 there is also my favorite of the mini-games, the I/O Tower. A stage where TRON must contend with Grid Bugs, hurling his identity disc and dispatching the multiplying enemies. In an effort to reach the I/O tower itself without coming into contact with an enemy.
Tron Arcade Game On The Atari 2600 - IO Tower

Now in the original game, the fourth stage would be the dreaded light cycles. Orange 808 mentioned on the forums that he played around with including the mini-game but wasn’t able to find a way to make the stage fun. However he did include Discs of Tron as the final stage in this port. Which is appropriate as originally that stage was intended to be the 5th level in the 1982 arcade game!
Tron Arcade Game On The Atari 2600 - Discs of Tron


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