Like Retro Toys? Check Out Tee Rex In Eureka Springs!

Like Retro Toys? Check Out Tee Rex In Eureka Springs!

Friends, for the last couple of days I have been fortunate enough to be on vacation. Not from my duties at the Retroist Vault of course but from the day jobs and luckily enough after thirteen years, my Wife and I were able to coordinate it so that we both could have a vacation. To celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary we took a day and night trip to a local tourist spot located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you are a history buff I would recommend a trip to the town, a spot that Robert Ripley of Ripley’s Believe it or Not! was also fond of. However even with all that the picturesque town has to offer – you will be blown away by the vintage toys awaiting you at Tee Rex!
Tee Rex - Sectaurs

Now to be totally honest, a friend of the arcade actually directed me to Tee Rex when he heard I was going on vacation. When my Wife and myself entered the store a couple of things went through my mind, the first being I felt I had stepped back in time to the toys stores of our youth. The second thought to flit through my rather overwhelmed brain, which was trying to take in everything at once, was I certainly hope they took credit cards. Especially when I laid eyes on the SilverHawks in the first display case – these are just for show – giving the curious a taste what the store offers. My eyes quickly were drawn to Kenner’s The Adventures of Indiana Jones Jones next, not to mention the TMNT toys on display.
Tee Rex - Indiana Jones - TMNT

After having a wonderful conversation with Caleb Lindsey, the manager of Tee Rex, we had a chance to talk about the wonder that was 1987’s Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light – in addition to sharing our love of pinball tables and video games. Obviously while we were geeking out I made certain to mention the fact that I worked at the Arkadia Retrocade. Speaking of the Knights of Pyrsmos, you can be sure they had a nice collection of Darkling Lords available for purchase – in this case the villainous Darkstorm, cunning Cravex and the powerful Cindarr.
Tee Rex - Visionaries - Knights of the Magical Light

There are all manner of T-Shirts in the store, most of them a play on the store’s name – like a Mr. T inspired T-Rex that I almost picked up. The store by the way is owned by Jayme Brandt, who I didn’t get to the chance to meet I am afraid. In addition to the vintage toys there are also some new offerings like some of the ReAction figures and Trollhunters. The majority though is retro related like their incredible collection of 1984 Super Powers figures. These were some of the higher priced figures offered but I want to point out you should check out the beautiful condition they are in!

In addition to some of the popular 80’s action figure lines they had a fair share of toys that were primarily aimed at girls – like She-Ra and even some Annie figures as well as a pretty remarkable Donny and Marie TV show studio playset!
Tee Rex - She Ra - Starburst

Speaking of She-Ra, you can be absolutely sure that there were many toys and playsets from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe too. Although I have to say that finding an action figure for Frodo from Ralph Bakshi’s animated adaptation of The Lord of the Rings made me gasp out loud!
Tee Rex - Lord of the Rings - Frodo - Ralph Bakshi

There were so many toys that I couldn’t properly share them all, friends. From The Love Boat to Buck Rogers, Battle Beasts and Micronauts – Tee Rex was a welcome blast from the past… and I’m happy to say that I left the store with a vintage Star Wars 8D8, WWF View-Master Reel set and a poster of Hopalong Cassidy. You can totally check out the Facebook page for the toy store for even more photos.

[Via] 12 Back

You can be sure that Tee Rex also featured it’s share of board games as well as classic home consoles like the Atari 2600 and Nintendo Entertainment System!

Tee Rex - Atari VCS

So the next time you are around Eureka Springs, make it a point to stop in and visit Tee Rex – let them know the Retroist sent you, okay?
Tee Rex - Nintendo


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