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Dare You Play Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game?

Friends, it has been something of a quiet shift down here in the Vault today. So much so that Rockford Jay, the Retroist and myself decided to spend the morning in the Vault library – playing Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game! With Halloween approaching faster than a thrown jack o’lantern by the Headless Horseman, we all felt that this 1969 board game was suitable for the Season. Not to mention that the Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game includes a pair of glow-in-the-dark vampire teeth, however since we borrowed the board game from the Projectionist… none of us are brave enough to wear them.

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The popularity of the supernatural soap opera that was Dark Shadows, which originally began airing on ABC in 1966, really took off when Barnabas Collins (Jonthan Frid) arrived in the series. Now I love Dark Shadows but I will readily admit I had no idea that Barnabas didn’t show up until ten months into the first season!

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Having said that, apparently before Barnabas made his appearance at the Gothic home of Collinwood Mansion – the series revolved around Victoria Winters (Alexandra Isles), a nanny who has been hired by the Collins family. The reason she has appeared in Collinsport, Maine is to find a key to her past – however it appears that mysterious occurrences of supernatural origin tend to occur around the Collins family. That I might add was before they learned they had a vampiric ancestor chained up on their estate grounds.
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game - Jonathan Frid

ABC truly had a hit on their hands and I guess it should come as no surprise that it was teenagers and kids that were their main audience. Which is how the TV show was licensed out to all manner of products, such as the Groovy Horror Heads or the Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game. To say nothing of the Gold Key comic book series, puzzles, and other collectibles like a music box and the incredibly RARE mail order Barnabas’ ring!
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game - Barnabas Collins Ring

Now that you possibly know more about Dark Shadows collectibles than you wanted to – the goal of the Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game is pretty simple. Two to four players are attempting assemble the pieces of their skeleton on their gallows before the other players.

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Using the spinner, players collect the various bones that it might land upon – although if you have already obtained a leg bone and it lands on it again, you simply lose your turn. If you you land on Barnabas’ ring it acts as a wild card, which allows the player to choose a bone of their choosing. Finally you have the wooden stakes on the spinner, landing on this item, the player must take one of the plastic pieces – three though and you have to return them to the coffin holder as well as one of bones.

Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game - Coffin full of bones - BoardGameGeek
Image courtesy of BoardGameGeek.

All right, friends – it’s pretty clear that the Retroist is going to win this round. So why don’t we take a moment and watch a TV commercial for the Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows game?

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