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Enjoy 1970’s Disneyland Showtime With Kurt Russell!

Well to be totally honest, friends, 1970’s Disneyland Showtime also happens to feature the Osmond Brothers as well as E.J. Peaker. In addition the Haunted Mansion gets a nice spotlight in this episode of The Wonderful World of Disney and what better way to keep celebrating the Season than taking a vintage look back at that fabled home in New Orleans Square? I want to thank the esteemed Matt Lappie for sharing this video over on Facebook, this was my first chance to watch Disneyland Showtime in it’s entirety!

By 1970, Kurt Russell already had a pretty nice resume as a child actor on shows such as Dennis the Menace, Lost in Space and The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters. As well as appearing in films like It Happened at the World’s Fair with Elvis Presley, Guns of Diablo, and of course The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. Kurt was definitely in the Disney phase of his career, with good reason as the actor had a friendly reputation with Walt Disney himself.

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Disneyland Showtime originally aired on March 22, 1970 and finds Kurt Russell and the Osmond Brothers arriving at the park to put on a show – with Russell acting as tour guide. Donny – a very young Donny – however ends up getting lost at the theme park, which forces his brothers to go searching for him, which naturally allows them to visit various points of interest in the park. That also lets the Osmond Brothers pull off a rendition of 1969’s Down on the Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival, in addition to Kurt joining in to sing Sugar, Sugar later in the episode. It all culminates in the group finally having the opportunity to visit The Haunted Mansion – and remember the dark ride had only opened back on August 9th of 1969 – so this episode allows some amazing behind the scenes look at it’s creation!
Disneyland Showtime - The Haunted Mansion

Friends, grab your favorite snacks and beverage and join Kurt Russell and his guests in Disneyland Showtime!

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