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Toon In: The Killing Of An Egg (1977)

Welcome back to a new Toon In offering, friends! We are only nine days away from Halloween itself so it only feels right to keep all my articles about things spooky or bizarre. Which is certainly the category that 1977’s The Killing of an Egg falls into – as well as being rather darkly humorous. It was animated and directed by Paul Driessen, whose name not might be familiar to you but as a matter of fact he was one of the animators that worked on 1968’s Yellow Submarine!

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Paul Driessen is a Norwegian born animator and Director, who after graduating from art school found a job at a small studio in Amsterdam called Cinecartooncentre. It was after a few years at that studio he traveled to London, where he of course worked on Yellow Submarine. Since then he has moved to Olargues, France and worked on a variety of animated short films and projects – receiving an Oscar nomination for 1998’s Three Misses, which he was nominated for in 2000 but lost to Aleksandr Petrov’s animated adaptation for The Old Man and the Sea.

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With Three Misses you can see the type of humor that Driessen specializes in – the absurd, the twisting of the expected. In the case of the 1998 animated short it has to do with common fairy tales like Snow White, or even the cowboy hero of numerous Western films as well as a modern day would-be hero. Now with The Killing of an Egg, the creepiness I mentioned earlier has a far more subtle approach. Namely that the main protagonist after preparing to enjoy a soft boiled egg discovers something incredibly odd – as he taps upon the shell with his spoon, a voice can be heard from within the egg itself. The way that Driessen animates how quickly the protagonist shows his sadistic…if darkly humorous side is what is disturbing.

So grab your favorite beverage and snack and Toon In with us and The Killing of an Egg!

I should add that when normally we share an animated short it’s about five minutes long – Driessen’s is indeed short – coming in two minutes and 48 seconds!

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The Killing of an Egg - Animatiefilm - Paul Driessen
Brochure courtesy of Paul Driessen.


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