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It’s Time To Revisit Haddonfield For More Halloween!

Friends, I’m going to slightly copy a review I glanced at for the 2018 sequel to Halloween. I did not read said critique of the new film as I didn’t want anything spoiled before I had the chance to catch it myself. In a nutshell what the writer said was that it has taken 40 years for fans of the Halloween franchise to receive the sequel they deserved. Now I have quite a bit of love for some of the sequels to the 1978 masterpiece by John Carpenter – I’m going to have to agree though, that this 2018 sequel by David Gordon Green is worthy, it feels the most aligned with Carpenter’s original vision. That doesn’t mean I’m trying to say that it succeeds by being slavish to the first film, not in the least – Green has his own vision of how things go down in Haddonfield on October 31st and he capably delivers that vision.
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There have been changes over the past 40 years in the slasher genre, for one thing it has sort of died out, perhaps the likes of Scream which owes it’s popularity to Carpenter’s ’78 film were overtaken by hordes of the ravenous undead? There have certainly been good slasher films since then though, off the top of my head I’ve always been fond of 2006’s Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Other notable entries in the genre I particularly enjoy are Hatchet, High Tension, Happy Death Day, and Final Girls. Although those last two definitely lean towards the comedic to be sure. However that is what I found most exceptional about 2018’s Halloween – David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley prove with their script they understood what made the 1978 film work…and didn’t feel the need to mess with it.
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Oh, some things have been updated of course – as when Carpenter was making the ’78 version he didn’t have to worry about things like cell phones. Obviously. What is timeless however is the evil that is Michael Myers – his single-mindedness is what set him apart from other icons of the slasher genre.Sure, Jason Voorhees as well as Freddy Krueger are great slashers and their popularity is easy to understand – but Michael Myers is 100% Human…well…for the first few films. He is methodical and as is proven even more than the first film, with the 2018 sequel he is patient…oh so patient.
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Just in case you haven’t heard – the 2018 film completely disregards any movie expect the original. Before I start in on my review, you might want to watch this TV spot for the film, consider it a gate if you don’t want to read anything that might be considered minor spoilers.

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Okay, you still with me? Cool. The gist for Halloween is how much the incident on October 31st, 1978 completely destroyed Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). She hasn’t given up on living or anything like that – she has weathered the evil that is Myers – she has become a disciple of sorts of the way Dr. Loomis saw Michael. Laurie however has no doubt that Myers, who has been institutionalized for the last 40 years…will return. After the tragedy that struck Strode in 1978 she has spent her life in preparation for the day the two will come face to face again. She has also attempted to prepare her Daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), a decision that we learn actually caused the state to remove her from Laurie’s custody, when the young girl was only 12. As you might imagine this has caused a great deal of stress between the two Women and even affects the relationship with Laurie’s Granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) – an unease in regards to both her Mother and Matriarch.

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Image courtesy of Universal Pictures – Ryan Green.

Thanks to a misguided attempt by two radio documentary producers to try and get to the bottom of what made Myers go on his rampage…evil is stirred up again in Haddonfield. It all occurs on the day that Michael is finally getting removed from Smith’s Grove sanitarium to another institution but as this is of course a Halloween film…something goes wrong during the transport and Myers is freed to continue his bloody and violent wrath through Haddonfield.
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That is 2018 Halloween in a nutshell, friends. I will add though that the film really delivers the goods, if you are fan of the franchise of course. In addition the filmmakers have peppered the movie with TONS of nods to the sequels over the years – some quite obvious but there are some deep Easter Eggs to be sure. If you are looking for that fantastic film to get you in the spirit of the Season – you will be hard pressed to find a better choice than this one!

I have one more thing to praise about 2018’s Halloween and that is the score by John and Cody Carpenter as well as Daniel Davies. Don’t take my word for it though – listen for yourself!

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If you are in the mood for something to help you pass the time before you head out and see the 2018 sequel for yourself – I think this site has you covered, as there have been two different podcasts in the last two days that focus on the Halloween franchise. First up is the latest Retroist podcast which takes a look at the 1982 sequel!

That isn’t all though as there is in addition, a brand new Saturday Frights podcast where the Projectionist and myself are joined by our podcasting friends to discuss the original 1978 films and sequels!
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