Saturday Frights Podcast Ep 70 (Halloween Special V)

Saturday Frights Podcast Ep 70 (Halloween Special V)

Fright Fans, welcome to the Saturday Frights Halloween Special V – which just so happens to be the 70th episode of the podcast. The Projectionist and myself would like to thank you one and all for sticking with the show, from the almost year-long hiatus to the private messages of support and appreciation for the podcast. Much like we have done in the past with these special episodes, the Saturday Frights Halloween Special V finds another event taking place at the Haunted Drive-In, the Projectionist’s old stomping grounds in Haddonfield. This podcast truly marks a special event as friends of the podcast have gathered at the Drive-In to discuss our memories and thoughts of the Halloween franchise – as well as check out the premiere of Halloween (2018)!
Halloween Special V - Halloween 2018

In the Saturday Frights Halloween Special V episode we are joined by none other than I See Robots, Ashley Thomas, Allison Venezio, Rockford Jay and the Retroist himself. Each of our guests on the show share their unique thoughts and experiences with the Halloween films. I ask you, is there truly a better way to celebrate the Season?

As for what we cover on this Halloween Special V, it ranges from the John Carpenter’s iconic music from the 1978 film to a chancy bathroom visit while watching the 1981 sequel. You can be sure the under appreciated Halloween III: Season of the Witch gets some attention as does even the remakes by Rob Zombie.

We hope you will enjoy the show and you will share your own memories of the Halloween franchise in the comments below.
Halloween Special V - Jamie Lee Curtis

If you have any suggestions for topics you would like for us to cover in the future, email them to me at You can also contact me on Twitter and on Facebook.

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I See Robots can be found at the The Official Webpage of the IseeRobots Foundation!
Besides her work here on the Retroist you can also catch up on Allison Venezio’s work at Allison’s Written Words!
Ashley Thomas can be located in fact at her namesake – which just so happens to be The Nerdy Blogger!
Rockford Jay can be found on the Saturday Frights Facebook Page – sharing his love of all things to do with retro horror. Naturally!


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  1. Great job guys. Spooky for sure. Bill Sienkiewcz whom i studied with at the Illustration Academy did the new Halloween 2018 film poster image above.

  2. Jerry, Sienkiewicz is a master to say the least! Actually the first comic I saw his work on was the New Mutants #37 – the tie-in for Secret Wars II. In which The Beyonder horribly kills the Mutant teens. Seriously, it is a dark, dark tale.

    Thank you by the way for the kind words on the podcast – the guests on the show really elevate the podcast to be sure.

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