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Retro Radio Memories: The Ravine (1984)

Friends, welcome back to a new installment of Retro Radio Memories! Since we are nearly at the halfway point of the month of October, it felt only right to share a bit of old time radio drama that fit the mood of the Season. Granted The Ravine was actually aired in ’84 but it does feature the vocal talents of Paul Frees who happened to appear on such classic OTR programs as The Whistler, Rogue’s Gallery, and Escape to name just a few. The Ravine also happens to based on the short story of Ray Bradbury’s entitled The Whole Town’s Sleeping. In addition I should point out that besides Paul Frees having an outstanding amount of voice work – he’s appeared in a few films as well, such as 1951’s The Thing from Another World!
The Ravine - Paul Frees

Once or twice before I have been known to share my appreciation for Bradbury. In fact, one of those reasons has to do with a Halloween memory from 1985, when I caught The Playground on The Ray Bradbury Theater. You might hear about that if you tune into the Retroist’s own Halloween Special at a later date. Thanks to stories like Something Wicked This Way Comes, The Halloween Tree, The October Game, or even The Veldt – Bradbury always reminds me of those wonderful and sacred Halloween night’s past. One of the perfect authors to pick up during this time of the year in my personal opinion.

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Now, I will certainly have to admit that The Ravine is a far cry from the likes of The Halloween Tree. But if you are like myself, you crave entertainment that will help give you the chills and creeps and this adaptation from the Bradbury 13 radio show should deliver on that promise. The story concerns itself with a town that is unfortunately being afflicted by serial killer known as “The Lonely One”. Which is bad timing for Lavinia and her friends to attempt to use the titular spot as a shortcut to get to the movies, right?

Turn down the lights if you can and join us on Retro Radio Memories as we learn of the horrors of The Ravine!


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