Monstermatt Patterson’s Monster Music Picks!

Monstermatt Patterson’s Monster Music Picks!

Ghoul Mourning Maniacs!! ‘Tis Halloween season and you are no doubt setting up decorations, getting costumes and candy, watching monster movies, etc. Same here, same here. Have you listened to spooky monster music or hilarious music, whether it’s a record or being streamed/downloaded from the internet? I want to share a few of my favorite songs for the season and beyond…

Sheb Woolley is considered a pioneer, whom many feel created “horror rock” as a genre, with his unforgettable song “Flying Purple People Eater.” This paved the way for the following (in no particular order) Tommy Bruce & The Bruisers give us “Monster Gonzales,” which is a parody of “Speedy Gonzales,” a song about the cartoon mouse written by Pat Boone.

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Brian “Legs” Walker did a song called “Trick or Treat” and after a few listens, you too will be reciting the tag line, “I’m gonna get you, Trick or Treat (bum da bum) Trick or Treat!”

[Via] Danny McVey

Ivan wrote “Frankie Frankenstein” and the moaning of a monster behind the lyrics makes me do a “spit take” every darned time I hear it!! If I’m ever feeling down, this one is an instant remedy! Along those lines of monsters in monster music wreaking havoc in a song, is Bobby Please and “The Monster.” This song also makes me howl with delight!

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There’s a bunch of these great songs and they were usually 45 singles, but you can find them on compilation records like “Horror Hop” and “Monster Bop.” These are great collections to listen to, for they really showcase early rock and roll with heavy sax and guitar with a hint of doo-wop.
Monster Music - Horror Hop

Speaking of albums, I can’t write this and not mention the granddaddy of monster songs, “The Monster Mash” and the whole album written by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. This song is monster music mantra. We had this as a 45 in a jukebox at our house. The opening sounds of the creaking door, bubbling chemicals, rattling chains, footsteps and the snare drum, raise the hairs on my neck and arms every time I hear it! It’s like being transported right into the heart of Transylvania! I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it in my life (probably thousands) but it has never gotten old to me. It has a certain charm that will never fade.

[Via] NRRA Archives 2

Pickett’s album is full of great songs after the biggie, like “Me and My Mummy,” “Monster’s Holiday” (which I enjoy, but prefer the Lon Chaney Jr. version) “Sinister Stomp” (which seems very usual until the surprise monster appears later in the song. This also makes me howl) and “Rabian the Fiendage Idol” (again, wait for the monster to chime in for the payoff!)

Zacherley The Cool Ghoul is marvelous with his song “Dinner With Drac: Part 1” from his excellent album “Monster Mash/Scary Tales” a mixture of spoken word performance and song parodies. Try “Gravy (With Some Cyanide)” and “Hury Bury Baby” and see if your sides don’t split! This is worth a thousand listens, as well! Really get that needle scratching up the vinyl! Uh… download it? Stream (scream) it?
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Screaming seemed to be the order of the day, because there’s Screaming Lord Sutch, a fella from England whose act was rather a strange sight and sound. His album “Dracula’s Daughter” is full of weird twangy fuzz guitar and yes, screaming! He screamed for fun, he screamed for ice cream, he just screamed because! It’s entertaining- listen to “Til the Following Night,” “Jack the Ripper” and “Dracula’s Daughter” among the other fine tunes and take measure of your blood pressure! You’ll be screaming too!

Don’t forget about Screaming Jay Hawkins, the performer who had a great vocal delivery packed with power and vibrato. Listen to his iconic song “I Put a Spell on You” and tell me you aren’t grinning from ear to ear! Give his album “Cow Fingers and Mosquito Pie” a spin and with songs like “Alligator Wine” and “Little Demon” you’ll be snarling and howling just like Jay!

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Did you know the man of your dreams has a record out? No, not me- I’m not that guy. The other dude, Freddy Krueger! Yes, it’s true. Krueger’s a crooner?! Sort of. His album “Freddy’s Greatest Hits” wants you to “Do the Freddy” while you “Dance or Else” “Down in the Boiler Room.” I kid you not. These are the titles to the superbly schlocky songs. I recommend you listen and stay awake to stave off that Fiend with the razor bladed glove.
Monster Music - Freddy's Greatest Hits

Finally, Elvira Mistress of the Dark, chimes in with “Elvira’s Gravest Hits” a collection of songs performed by her, unlike previous albums that were mostly other bands/vocalists. This really showcases her vocal and writing abilities, with ultra slick and cheesy “Monsta’ Rap,” “Here Comes the Bride(of Frankenstein)” among others. Elvira’s vocal cadence or diction is a great combination of Valley Girl speak and Pee Wee Herman among other elements. The whole album has that late 80’s synth sound you’ll recognize from television and movies of that era.
Monster Music - Elvira's Gravest Hits

Do try these highlighted selections of monster music while carving pumpkins, hanging decorations and all the other good stuff in the Halloween season. In this digital age, the songs are easy to find and as a collector, a little digging around can yield some decent vinyl findings. Check the local antique stores or flea markets and record dealers. Enjoy!

Speaking of monster music, don’t forget that time when DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince had…A Nightmare on My Street!

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