Have You Seen “Awesome 80s Toy Commercials”?

Have You Seen “Awesome 80s Toy Commercials”?

Perhaps my most unexpected find yet (through a random search of course), is Awesome 80s Toy Commercials.

Got Prime? You’re in for a treat!

It Happened Last Week…

As you know, I have a soft spot for commercials, especially/specifically retro ones. This goes back to my college days, studying Communications. I took courses in Advertising and Television.

I was doing a very random Amazon search for commercial compilations – I didn’t care what my search turned up, as long as I could find books or videos of commercial material.

What I got, my friends, was so much more than I ever thought. Beyond the normal compilations spanning the 1940s to the 1970s, anything after that is harder to come by in compilation form. Thank goodness for YouTube, yes, but if the other decades get compilations, then why can’t the 1980s? We can have nice things in the 80s, can’t we?

Well, Amazon listened, and there is a compilation that is available for Prime subscribers to stream…and it is good.

So very good!

Awesome 80s Toy Commercials Are…Well…AWESOME!

So awesome, even the title is clickbait. This is so much more than toy commercials, my friends. This is toys, cereal, anything Saturday morning and memorable.

A quick overview of the decade itself introduces the actual video, but after that, nearly thirty minutes of commercials draw you in. You’ll be surprised at how many you remember!

Included in this collection (and this isn’t even the full list!)…

A totally different kind of He-Man adventure!

Let’s have a Play-Doh PARTY!

Did you know that Barbie had a horse?

You do now!

A Go-Bots giveaway…is probably not as exciting as a Transformers giveaway.

Now you’re playing with power…


You won’t need the force to be with you to convince you to eat this “packed with vitamins” cereal!

Jim Henson’s worst nightmares…for Spaghetti-O’s!

Did you ever squeeze a Nosy Bear?

I did!

Shopping in the doll world…with your Not Barbies!

Commercial comes complete with an adult spokesperson. Because grown-up girls like it too?

And, last but (certainly not least, nor all there is in the collection!), cereal for your Cabbage Patch Kid look-a-like child!

There’s more commercials for toys, cereal, food/drink, and did I mention toys?

Oh, and there was also this rather unusual entry…

Earth Wind and Fire for the Panasonic Ghetto Blaster, er, Boom Box! Aren’t they amazing?!

Honestly, did any kid get this excited to see Earth Wind and Fire emerging from Boom Box?

No, that is not me in the commercial.

Want To See It?

Awesome 80s Toy Commercials is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

If you don’t have a subscription, you can rent the movie for $2.99 (in High Definition), or $1.99 in (Standard Definition). It can also be purchased for $9.99 (in High Definition) or $7.99 for (Standard Definition). There is no physical media version of this compilation available.

I HIGHLY recommend this one, it is a nostalgia purist’s dream come true!

Watch Awesome 80s Toy Commercials on Amazon!

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