One Of The Three Remaining 1932 Posters For The Mummy Is Going To Auction!

One Of The Three Remaining 1932 Posters For The Mummy Is Going To Auction!

Friends, I totally know what you are thinking – Oh, no! Vic is going to go on and on about the Universal Monsters again! You are right. At least you are partially right but what good is working down here in the Vault, surrounded by the treasures of the past if I can’t share my excitement over awesome things like those classic monsters films? And the news I’m sharing with you today, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, is that one of the three remaining 1932 posters for The Mummy is going to be auctioned off on October 31st!
1932 Posters For The Mummy - One Sheet

Now as the article on The Hollywood Reporter clarifies, it is widely believed that only three of the 1932 posters for The Mummy still exist – although having said that one of the three is owned by Kirk Hammet of Metallica. Now I will hedge my bet here by saying that if anyone deserves to own such an important piece of film history, it’s Kirk Hammet!

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Seriously, Kirk is a true monster kid and it makes me quite happy to know that he owns one of the one-sheets for the 1932 film. Obviously it’s quite evident he can truly see the beauty of the piece itself, the amount of art and design that went into making sure folks were in the seats to see the latest studio picture. As for the two surviving posters I find I have a different way of thinking…as I often do, friends.

The auction for one of three remaining 1932 posters for The Mummy will be overseen by Sotheby’s – in fact they are going to be putting said poster on display, starting on October 14th until the 18th. For what it’s worth it was Sotheby’s that sold the poster back in 1997 to a staggering sum of $453, 500. It took the record for the most expensive film poster until 2014, when the one-sheet for 1927’s lost film London After Midnight sold for $478K.

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That record was topped however just back in 2017, when a poster for the 1931 adaptation of Dracula was auctioned off for $525, 800.
1932 Posters for the Mummy - 1931's Dracula

As stated in The Hollywood Reporter article, the auction house believes that the one-sheet for The Mummy might break even those past records, with it possibly demanding up to a million dollars. Sadly that is a little out of our expense range here at the Retroist but if you manage to get your hands on it…maybe think of having it on display in the Vault’s museum?

Now that you are aware of the auction for one of the three remaining 1932 posters for The Mummy, why not check out the original trailer?

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