Toon In: Ub Iwerks’ The Headless Horseman (1934)

Toon In: Ub Iwerks’ The Headless Horseman (1934)

Friends, welcome back to a new Toon In offering! This week we have a great animated short that originally debuted in movie theaters on October 1st, 1934. It is part of the entertaining line of ComiColor cartoon shorts that the Ub Iwerks’ studio created and released from 1933 until 1936, in total 25 cartoons were produced. While many of the subjects for the shorts were based on fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk and Puss in Boots, the short today was based on none other than the Headless Horseman from Washington Irving‘s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!
The Headless Horseman - 1934 - Ub Iwerks

Obviously The Headless Horseman isn’t the only animated version of the classic tale by Irving. While this 1934 version is in fact fantastic it doesn’t have the benefit of Bing Crosby as narrator and crooner like in Walt Disney’s 1949 version.

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While it might be missing the toe-tapping musical elements of the Disney version, Iwerks’ The Headless Horseman still delivers on the laughs and all without a single line of dialogue being uttered. On the other hand it unfortunately has a brief but nonetheless an unfortunate caricature widely used in the day – you won’t miss it – but as I’ve just said, thankfully it’s brief.

As for the synopsis for the short, it of course revolves around Brom Bones and Ichabod Crane each catching the eye of Katrina Van Tassel. From food to dancing, each of the suitors attempts to woo the young woman and by the end of the evening it appears that Crane has the upper hand…or does he? There are most certainly some deviations from the original story by Irving, especially in the conclusion of the story. It just might be that perfect thing to help you get into the spirit of the Season though, right?
The Headless Horseman - Ichabod Crane

It’s time to grab your favorite snack and beverage and Toon In with 1934’s The Headless Horseman!

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  1. Never saw this version! Thanks for the heads off… I mean up!

  2. Caffeinated Joe, thanks as always for the support, my friend. I hope you enjoyed the short!

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