Retro Records: Monster Rally (1959)

Retro Records: Monster Rally (1959)

Welcome back, friends, to a new offering from Retro Records, this week we have some selections from the LP entitled Monster Rally. Perfect listening material for this time of the Season, wouldn’t you agree? RCA Victor released Monster Rally back in 1959 and features the voice talents of both Hans Conried and Alice Pearce. In addition the album art was done by the legendary Jack Davis of Tales from the Crypt and MAD Magazine fame!
Monster Rally - Jack Davis

Monster Rally is a collection of Halloween-themed songs for kids and those young at heart. As to the ‘story’ that the record presents, well, it’s right there on the tin. All of the most famous monsters and even some aliens have managed to gather together at the rally – to entertain us with their antics and clever word play. While the liner notes mention that the the orchestra conductor during the rally was none other than Frank N. Stein – the truth of the matter is this album was brought to life thanks to the talents of Joel Herron and Fred Hertz. Joel was a musical director for CBS’ The Jimmy Dean Show with Hertz being a Director and writer of television and radio. Together the two men wrote 9 of the 12 songs included on the album.

[Via] Alice Pearce

Now I’ve shared many radio, TV and film memories of the late and great Hans Conried in the past on this site. Alice Pearce however is probably best known for her role in the television series Bewitched, where she played the rather nosy neighbor of Samantha and Darrin. Alice sadly passed away in 1966, with her part in the TV series as Gladys being taken over by Sandra Gould for the next five years of the show. She also appeared in films such as On the Town, Tammy and the Doctor as well as The Disorderly Orderly. In Monster Rally though she really shines, delivering such wonderful numbers like The Invisible Man!

For what it’s worth, the Invisible Man isn’t the only Universal Monster to get a chance to shine in the spotlight. Also included on the album is an love song to none other than The Creature from the Black Lagoon!

Monster Rally - Creature from the Black Lagoon

Friends, I hope you will take a moment and grab some Halloween candy and your favorite beverage as you listen to the complete Monster Rally LP!

All you need do is just click on the YouTube link here and you can immediately join the rally – just be sure to tell Drac and Frankie that we sent you, okay?
Monster Rally - Jack Davis - Monsters


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  1. Not only awesome Halloweeny music – but the art is just such frame-able beauty!

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