Sinister Tales Of Terror Ep. 023 (The Rake)

Sinister Tales Of Terror Ep. 023 (The Rake)

Friends, what better way to help yourself get into the spirit of October than listening to one of the Projectionist’s spooky tales? The episode this week is entitled The Rake and it concerns a disturbing creature or entity that apparently has a long history of incidents. The Rake is also a little longer than the usual digest-sized podcasts, in addition to the Projectionist not having his usual co-host on the show. The good news though is as usual, Ross has dug up some disturbing lore and reports – the bad news is I was asked to step into the co-host role for this podcast!

Right up front, I feel I need to say that I was given the unenviable task with The Rake of talking about a rather terrifying creature. Don’t get me wrong, if you listen to the Saturday Frights podcast by chance, you know that the Projectionist and myself have encountered some bizarre stuff. I suppose it was the overall mystery in the motivation of this creature that made me so ill at ease? For what it’s worth, Ross was able to find reports of the entity dating all the way back to 1691!
The Rake - Galleon

While I admit it is something of a spoiler for this episode, there are conflicting reports about the nature of The Rake. It seems as if it can range from just being incredibly curious to as we prove in this episode, downright malevolent. Obviously the Projectionist didn’t call his podcast the Sinister Tales of Terror to discuss how to make the perfect cup of tea…but I have to say again I felt this is a disturbing show.
The Rake - Projectionist's Sinister Tales of Terror - The Woods

Now that you known a bit of what The Rake entails – turn down the lights and listen to the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror!

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