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There Was A Gremlins Graphic Adventure Game?!

Friends, it appears that somehow back in 1985, one year after Gremlins was released on the big screen – Adventure International published a Gremlins graphic adventure game. Since I was quite frankly a HUGE fan of the film, in addition to be being a HUGE Infocom game fan… I am just gobsmacked that a Gremlins graphic adventure game slipped underneath my radar. I can only suppose that somehow it was the fault of…yeah, you guessed it…gremlins!

For what it’s worth, you should know the name of Adventure International, the gaming company started in 1978 and lasting until 1985 – the company helped to usher in text based adventure games to the popular computers of the day. Founded by both Scott and Alexis Adams, I first learned of the company thanks to their awesome Marvel Comics based graphic adventure games. Adventure International published the likes of Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and their last in the Questprobe series was a game featuring both the Thing and the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.
Gremlins Graphic Adventure Game - Questprobe - Spider Man

You might be asking what the difference between a text adventure and graphic adventure game is…it’s that the latter would give you something to look at while typing in your simple commands. Say like a pack of ravenous and marauding Gremlins – blitzed out of their minds that they’ve managed to overrun the little town of Kingston Falls?
Gremlins Graphic Adventure Game - Gremlins Win

The official title for the tie-in computer game Gremlins the Adventure. Looking at various playthroughs online it seems like the game starts you after Stripe and the other Mogwai’s have metamorphosed into Gremlins. Players take on the role of Billy Peltzer as he attempts to find a way to take out the beasties once and for all…before they manage to take him out and the citizens of Kingston Falls.
Gremlins Graphic Adventure Game - Gremlin Blended

Throughout the game you will encounter many of the notable locations in the film. That includes Dorry’s Tavern, the Colony Theater, the Kingston Falls Y.M.C.A., and of course the Department Store where Players must face off against Stripe!

Gremlins Graphic Adventure Game - Gremlin Flasher
Holy Cow! They included the flashing Gremlin!

The Gremlins graphic adventure game was released for quite a few popular home computers of the day, like the Zx Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, and the Commodore 64 to name a few. In addition, at least from watching the longplay video uploaded on YouTube – the game appeared to be a little on the difficult side as well.

[Via] Recorded C64 Games

All right, now that you’ve seen the Gremlins graphic adventure game in action – how about a Gremlins game that I did know about?

The Atari 5200 game for Gremlins is something I always wanted to play in my youth but sadly I still haven’t been able to get my hands on the game. At the very least we can check out the gameplay by way of this YouTube video!

[Via] ILL Sea Bass


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