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The Real Ghostbusters: The Halloween Door (1989)

Friends, here we are at last, the 1st of October! Which naturally means that here on the Retroist we will do our very best to deliver something every day that is appropriate for the Season. That time of the year when the leaves begin to change colors and the temperatures start to drop before the Sun has even set. Long gone are thoughts of the 4th of July and Summer – replaced by merrily grinning Jack-o’-lanterns and Halloween decorations. Of course for most of us, this Season also heralds the desire to watch movies and TV shows with a Halloween vibe to it – case in point, the 1989 The Real Ghostbusters special The Halloween Door!

Originally airing on October 25, 1989 – The Halloween Door would find itself being rerun as just a plain old episode later in the 5th season. The previous two Halloween specials featured one of the greatest Ghostbusters supernatural threats – no, not the Boogieman but Samhain. Having said that though…this special features something a little different.
The Halloween Door - Samhain - The Real Ghostbusters

The Halloween Door was written by J. Michael Straczynski of Captain Power, Twilight Zone, and Babylon 5 fame. He wrote 22 episodes of The Real Ghostbusters as well as other animated series such as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power to name a few.

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As for the story for the special, it involves Dr. Crowley and his assistant Fairweather – two men who have decided to put an end to celebration of Halloween. To help them in their endeavor they seek out the Ghostbusters – wrongly assuming that since they bust all manner of ghosts and demons that they will join their cause. When they are not given the help they seek – Fairweather slinks away and ends up pocketing one of the team’s spare P.K.E. meters. The reason being is that it will aid Dr. Crowley’s Electronic Positronic Anti-Halloween Machine – a device that will literally destroy anything Halloween related. As in the case with most mad scientist devices, it malfunctions causing a rift in space and time to open and releasing Boogaloo!
The Halloween Door - The Boogaloo - The Real Ghostbusters

Boogaloo just so happens to be a demon that along with his fellow entities roamed the Earth about 2000 years ago. That is until Druid’s struck a bargain with the demons – the Halloween Deal – Boogaloo and his kind would retreat to the Netherworld so long as they were remembered. Which thanks to Dr. Crowley’s machine, the Halloween Deal is broken…and it’s of course up to the Ghostbusters to make things right. Did I fail to mention that this episode also features multiple musical numbers?
The Halloween Door - The Real Ghostbusters - Dance number

All right then, grab your favorite beverage and a handful of candy corn, it’s time to watch The Halloween Door!

The Real Ghostbusters 509 The Halloween Door [MeR-DeR]


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