They Made A Board Game For 1983’s The Keep?!

They Made A Board Game For 1983’s The Keep?!

Friends, if you have seen Michael Mann’s 1983 adaptation of F. Paul Wilson’s novel The Keep, you will assuredly agree that it’s an odd choice for being turned into a board game. If you are not familiar with the film the board game is based upon, it is a movie that had a very difficult production, resulting in a finished product that is not remotely what Mann had originally envisioned. The Keep is most definitely one of those films that a cinephile can only hope will be released as a Director’s Cut in the future.

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Now when I first learned of the 1983 film I was 11 years old. Naturally I was attracted to any movie that might feature a monster or at the very least an amazing theatrical poster. I can assure you that The Keep featured both – but it wasn’t something like that TV commercial that made me aware of the movie – that thanks goes to Nickelodeon. I am referring to that absolutely FANTASTIC as well as informative TV show Standby: Lights! Camera! Action!

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I can tell you that I learned so much about film making from that TV series, I only wish it was available on DVD or something. Anyway, the synopsis for The Keep concerns a group of Nazi’s who occupy a bizarre stronghold in the Carpathian Mountains. The soldiers inadvertently release an ancient evil, the reason the stronghold exists is to keep the darkness known as Molasar imprisoned. With the monstrous entity released the soldiers and the village near the castle are affected and it falls to the arrival of a stranger to halt Molasar’s plans of world conquest.
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Seriously, does that not sound like a bizarre film to make into a board game? Granted it’s not like Alien didn’t get a board game as well as toys – that too was an R rated film. Thanks to Board Game Geek however we can get a look at the game and how it was played. The goal is for 3 to 6 players to take on the roles of some of the characters in the 1983 film – with one acting as Molasar, who thanks to 12 ‘servants’ attempt to stop the other players from finding the Hilt. Which is a weapon capable of defeating the evil entity and locking it back in the fortress.
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What 1983 board game can you think of where you had the options to play Jurgen Prochnow, Sir Ian McKellan, Robert Prosky, Alberta Watson, and Scott Glenn…although his image isn’t used on the character card for some reason.
The Keep - Jurgen Prochnow - Ian McKellen - Board Game Geek

As explained on Board Game Geek’s site, Molasar is forced to consume one of his ‘servants’ every turn. Those attempting to stop the entity have only 12 turns in which to locate the hidden weapon within The Keep.
The Keep - Playing Pieces - Board Game Geek

I will definitely be on the lookout for a copy of this board game, if I do manage to get my hands on one I will document the game better and be sure to post it.

For what it’s worth, The Keep has managed to secure cult fim status.

One of those reasons has to do with the fact that Tangerine Dream created the score used in the movie. So how about you take a listen to Stealing The Silver Cross? It’s the moment in the film where the Nazi’s end up unleashing Molasar from it’s imprisonment!

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