Did You Ever Smoosh Your Smooshees?

Did You Ever Smoosh Your Smooshees?

Because Smooshees were meant to be smooshed, so it was perfectly ok!

Guess Who Owned Smooshees?

It seems that I’ve been on this “I owned this!”/”I played with this!” kick lately.

Eventually I’ll break away for something else, but for the moment, I’m sticking with this kick. Not that it is the worst kind of interest to have!

Isn’t it how all great nostalgia becomes…nostalgic?

Anyway, today’s subject!

When I was six years old, I received (I think for my birthday) a cute little doll that squished like a marshmallow and could be put into the accessory they came with. Sounds like your generic toy, but hear me out. This toy could seriously be squashed all the way into whatever accessory they came with. I had several of them. It was kind of a short-lived toy, but it was cute and fun to play with. For a Kindergartener who loved dolls (no matter what size), it was great!

You could smoosh them, you could smash them, and they were called Smooshees!

Smoosh ‘Em, Smash ‘Em, Smooshees!

Smooshees were a product line of marshmallow-type dolls and their accessories, manufactured by Fisher-Price between 1988 and 1989. They had a Puffalump-type quality to them, in terms of material and cuteness.

They also had these really catchy commercials, with an even catchier song!

Upload via Jen Wolford

And this one…

Upload via Past Tastic

Smooshees are exactly what the name sounds like: you smoosh them. There is one thing that really weirds me out about the first commercial. We have two girls playing all nice-like, and then you have this sadistic young lady:

Seriously, the other two girls are playing nicely, and then you have her. Can you imagine the hyena laugh this girl is letting out? Her terrifying facial expression screams of being full-on evil.

Fisher-Price let this happen.

Thankfully, they didn’t bring Evil Smooshee Smoosher back for the second commercial.

They brought in these three toned-down chicks.

See? All the evil-like faces are not necessary for successful Smooshee play!

Two Types of Smooshees

Two different commercials for Smooshees. Why is that?

Well, there were actually two different lines of Smooshees!

There was the Cuddlers…

Obviously, this was the one geared at younger children. These girls were probably the same age I was when I played with Smooshees. Oh, and that dollhouse is awesome. More on that later!

And the other line was the accessories:

These appear to be geared toward slightly older (but not much older) girls, or ones that are more into hair accessories, jewelry, and purses than a dollhouse. Even the commercial features a slightly older-sounding female voiceover.

As I said, I owned Smooshees as a six-year-old. So which ones did I have?

Well, if you must know…

Allison’s Smooshees Experience

I had the dollhouse, complete with Jenny (and her 80s hair)…

Image from This Old Toy

And this baby, named Bonnie…

Image from Toy Dollz

This skateboarder (Seth) that I spotted while looking for the baby!

I remember putting that sweatshirt on Seth so he wouldn’t get cold. Such a kind and considerate six-year-old, wouldn’t you say?

There was Heidi the bunny…

This one is Poppie – I remember the dog, but I’m not sure if I had it…

Beyond these, I don’t believe I had any others. But I absolutely loved these toys, even if the playability factor was a bit simplistic. The appeal was just stuffing these little dolls into tiny accessories. I used to take it to the next level since I had the dollhouse, and actually played with them, rather than just stuff them into everything.

Other Smooshees Items

I was wrapping up this article nicely, including a really cool picture of something else I owned at the end, when boom, I found out there were other Smooshees items that went beyond stuffable dolls and their accessories.

There were coloring books, regular storybooks, storybooks that came with a Smooshee and a big plastic storybook you could stuff them in called Cuddlers Tales, and even a Halloween costume.

Oh, and a lunchbox.

Yes, a lunchbox.

There was also an annual magazine (one and only, in 1989) and Club Smooshee, which you could join and get all kinds of cool Smooshees gear.

Move over Lootcrate, Smooshees are serious business!

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This all seems great, which means Smooshees had a nice long life, right?


The Short Life of a Smooshees Toy

Fisher-Price manufactured Smooshees from 1988 until 1989, so in all, they were a rather short-lived toyline. I’m sure the limited playability had something to do with it. Like I said, I did more than stuff mine into every little spot I could, but the novelty was that you could do that, and I’m sure there were plenty of kids who lost the excitement for that very quickly. I kept mine around for a few years, and played with that dollhouse with other small toys I had. I even used to pretend it was a cassette player…until I got a pretty pink cassette player in first grade.


OMG, forget My First Sony and the brown Fisher-Price cassette player. They can take a hike. THIS is the best first boombox EVER!

The cassette player worked for about four years, but the Smooshees stuck around for awhile longer. I have a theory that the Smooshees were part of a toy purge in the mid-1990s, relegated to the trash bag that went into the donation bin.

But for as long as I played with them (a few years beyond their discontinuation), I did more than the Smoosh.

I gave them a whole other play life!

Unlike this sadist.


Allison Venezio-Preston

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