Rolling Out To The Transformers Movie Event!

Rolling Out To The Transformers Movie Event!

Friends, today was something of a special day for all of us fans of the original Transformers toys and animated series. As Fathom Events hosted the one night only The Transformers Movie Event! Having been lucky enough to have seen the original film release back in 1986, there was no way that I was going to let The Transformers Movie Event pass me by.

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Not only was 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie shown – which was quite a glorious thing, to see it back up on the big screen once again. But in addition we also got a little behind the scenes look at the upcoming Bumblebee movie and an exclusive scene. To say nothing of an interview with the musician and songwriter Stan Bush, who also performed previously recorded performances of both Dare as well as The Touch.

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As the esteemed Doug Simpson said in his own article about 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie, for most of us fans of the 80’s toy series, this animated film hasn’t been topped. In my personal opinion, Michael Bay’s films kept missing what was interesting to us older Transformers fans…the Autobots and Decepticons themselves. In my eyes there was very little in the way of actual personality in the depiction of the Transformers in the live action films. Not that I’m saying they haven’t been enjoyable to watch – some of them – it’s just they weren’t exactly made for an old school fan like myself. However, I am cautiously optimistic about what we are going to get with Bumblebee, set to hit theaters in December!

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Now, The Transformers Movie Event certainly was exciting for all of the added bonus features. Obviously the real draw was seeing the film itself, more so sitting shoulder to shoulder with fellow Transformers fans – as well as witnessing the torch being passed to a much younger generation. While I will admit that I became emotional during certain scenes from the movie…as I have since it was originally released – I will say that at least I didn’t cry this time when looking on the shattered form of my favorite Transformer of all time. Wheeljack.
The Transformers Movie Event - Wheeljack - Windcharger

The fact that unlike many of the other Transformers that are killed in The Transformers: The Movie – the uncertainty of what actually happened to both Wheeljack and Windcharger has always stayed with me. Obviously when first seeing the film in 1986 I was gutted – even more than seeing Optimus Prime, my animated surrogate Father figure die. A much better description might be that I was literally shell-shocked throughout the rest of the film as characters I had truly grown to love and looked up to were destroyed in some pretty brutal scenes. Now does this mean I didn’t love the movie itself? Not in the least, while the reasons for many of the original Transformers characters being killed off was due to a studio decision to get parents to buy the newer toys…it also delivered an animated film that no one had seen up until that point.

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The Transformers Movie Event - Trivia Question

Now then, I do hope you were able to catch The Transformers Movie Event for yourself – if not perhaps they will show it again in the near future?

The Transformers Movie Event - Vic Sage - You Got The Touch
Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian wars as we march forward to a new age of peace and happiness… Till all are one!


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