This Star Wars: A New Hope Anime Trailer Is Incredible!

This Star Wars: A New Hope Anime Trailer Is Incredible!

Friends, I was just about to finish up my shift down here in the Retroist Vault, when Dan Wilder stopped by for a visit. I could tell by the impish grin on his face that he had found something pretty spectacular and was dying to share it with me. Finally after a little time had passed I asked him what he had stumbled on – what was he so excited for me to see? That is when he borrowed my laptop and pulled up a fan trailer for Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. It wasn’t just a recut version of the original 1977’s film trailer…no…it was an astounding A New Hope Anime trailer!

Well, I’m not going to lie to you, of course – I have probably watched this A New Hope Anime trailer five times in a row. This isn’t the first anime-inspired bit of Star Wars animation we fans have seen. You might recall the awesome TIE Fighter animated short film by OtaKing77077 that we shared back in 2015. I think with this A New Hope Anime trailer however – what really makes it shine is the whole old school vibe to the animation.
A New Hope Anime Trailer - Dmitry Grozov - Han Solo

Watching it reminds me of those heady early days when the Hastings in my neck of the woods ventured out to start renting anime films and series. Probably like a lot of you, my first introduction to Japanese animation came in the form of Akira, Vampire Hunter D, as well as Bubblegum Crisis. That style of animation, when Anime was just becoming a phenomenon here in the States, is exactly what I think Dmitry Grozov was aiming for with his fan trailer.

A New Hope Anime Trailer - Dmitry Grozov - Leia and Chewbacca
I want a toy Chewbacca based on this Anime version SO bad!

Interestingly enough, besides using some of the music from the original Star Wars trilogy, it looks like Grozov used dialogue from the Japanese version of A New Hope as well. As you might imagine – fans of the franchise have been rather impressed by this fan made trailer. And while it certainly is a groaner, it does indeed appear as if the Force is strong with this piece of animation.
A New Hope Anime Trailer - Dmitry Grozov - The Force Will Be With You

Ready to check out the Star Wars: A New Hope Anime trailer?

[Via] Dmitry Grozov


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