Sinister Tales Of Terror Ep. 022 (Twenty Two)

Sinister Tales Of Terror Ep. 022 (Twenty Two)

Welcome back, Fright Fans, to a new episode of the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror podcast. The Projectionist was down with a pretty nasty cold the last couple of weeks, so we haven’t heard too much lately from the shadowy cinephile or his assistant, Ross. It sounds like my co-host from the Saturday Frights podcast is back in fine form though and with Twenty Two, the two share a tale concerning dark radio frequencies.

Not to spoil too much for what is always a digest-sized show but the research that Ross uncovered for Twenty Two – might make you think twice about using old military radio equipment again. Or at the very least not attempt to find any of these “Dark Radio” channels as a hobby. Although it might shock you to know, that for this episode, the creepy event that took place didn’t actually occur in Haddonfield. Having said that it centers on an old piece of military equipment known as a BC-224 military receiver.
Twenty Two - BC 348

For what it’s worth the BC-224 military receiver has an interesting history. It appears the first one constructed was done so by RCA, designed to pick up medium and shortwaves across six bands. It was uses inside World War II bombers and was said the models were used up through the Korean War. Although I did find a website that claims, those that operated the BC-224 military receiver had suggestions and RCA quickly began to produce more advanced models before really upgrading it with the BC-348 model. Supposedly one of the BC-224 models was actually onboard the Enola Gay – the B29 Superfortress bomber that dropped the atomic bomb “Little Boy”.
Twenty Two - Enola Gay

All right, you know a bit about the subject matter of Twenty Two now – so turn down your lights and listen to the Projectionist’s Sinister Tales of Terror!

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