It’s A Beautiful Day For This Mr Rogers Google Doodle!

It’s A Beautiful Day For This Mr Rogers Google Doodle!

Friends, I tell you today that the latest Google Doodle has certainly done us all a favor. Their very, very special stop-motion animation short, celebrating the legacy and career of the esteemed Fred Rogers is sure to bring a smile to your face. The reason for this Mr Rogers Google Doodle is that 51 years ago today, at the WQED television station in Pittsburgh, the first episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was filmed. This Mr Rogers Google Doodle does a fantastic job of reminding us why the show and the man who stood up for children’s rights was so very important.

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That truly moving Mr Rogers Google Doodle was created in conjunction with The Fred Rogers Center, BixPix Entertainment, as well as Fred Rogers Production. As a fan of the medium I was so glad to see it was crafted by actual stop-motion and not just CGI. I think it’s an outstanding way to celebrate the legacy of what Fred Rogers accomplished, not just in television but with his life.
Mr Rogers Google Doodle - Stop Motion

Much like with Sesame Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood managed to educate but entertain as well. Through the likes of visiting neighbors and of course the citizens of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe. The show ran a staggering 31 seasons starting on February 19, 1968 and finishing on August 31, 2001. Fred Rogers shot 912 episodes in those 31 years, including a few TV specials. You might be surprised to learn though that the show started out in Toronto, Canada as Misterogers, a 15 minute offering on CBC TV. The good news is you don’t have to take my word for it but totally watch this amazing YouTube video, hosted by Junlei Li – who is the co-director of The Fred Rogers Center!

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Friends, probably like a lot of you, I too watched Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood while growing up. In honesty I was always more drawn to Sesame Street thanks of course to my love of Jim Henson and The Muppets. However, I was known to watch Fred Roger’s show far past the target audience age. Why? The same reason that there is a Mr Rogers Google Doodle today – his warmth and desire to educate – his belief that the World could be so much more, if only we stopped and tried to listen and care…it continued to reach all of us who were willing to be visited by such a special neighbor. Obviously I’m not saying anything new, you all know this and it is certainly at the heart of the stunning documentary Won’t You Be My Neighbor?.

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To close out my article on how awesome it is for the Google Doodle to honor Fred Rogers, I want to share this clip from March 11th, 1999. It was the moment that Fred was being inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame – in it we see a beautiful reunion. Between Rogers and a young man named Jeff Erlanger, they appeared together in a 1980 episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Jeff was a quadrapelgic and was a guest on the show to help others understand how he operated his electric wheelchair, etc. The duo had an amazing duet together as well in that episode, singing It’s You I Like.

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Now you know a little why there is a Mr Rogers Google Doodle, let me share one more thing, that moment when Mr. Rogers appeared on Sesame Street.

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