Have You Seen The Stan & Ollie Biopic Trailer Yet?

Have You Seen The Stan & Ollie Biopic Trailer Yet?

Friends, when you take a moment and ask yourself who are the top ten early comedians in film, who pops into mind? Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, and the Marx Brothers perhaps? How about the likes of Abbott and Costello, W.C. Fields, as well as Hope and Crosby? I realize there is quite a few more that could easily be part of that list but personally I would have to say that Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy deserve to be close to the top. Which is why of course the trailer for Stan & Ollie literally took my breath away. For one thing I was totally unaware that Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly were even making such a film. It turns out however that the film is not only completed but will have it’s premiere on October 21st at the BFI London Film Festival.
Stan & Ollie - Coogan and Reilly

Stan & Ollie being a biographical film, focuses on the famous comedy duo attempting to reconcile their differences, to go on tour of the music halls of Ireland and Britain. For the many of us that are fans of Laurel and Hardy – the biopic looks like it won’t be pulling any punches in regards to the duo’s falling out – as well as the realization that a friendship such as theirs was something truly remarkable. After watching the trailer I think it’s safe to say that Coogan as Stan Laurel is doing an incredible job but it’s going to be John C. Reilly as Oliver Hardy that will steal the show.
Stan & Ollie - Reilly - Coogan

I hate to add that at the moment there are no plans yet for a release of the film here in the States – after it’s premiere it will be released in Europe beginning in January of 2019. Stan & Ollie is directed by Jon S. Baird, from a screenplay by Jeff Pope. While the biopic might be focusing more on Laurel and Hardy’s swan song, I would be absolutely gobsmacked if we don’t see Coogan and Reilly reenact some of the classic comedy skits from the 107 films the duo made together.

[Via] Laurel and Hardy Forums

That clip by the way was from 1938’s Block-Heads, just one of the 23 full-length films that Laurel and Hardy starred in. In Stan & Ollie, Danny Huston portrays Hal Roach by the way, the man who founded Hal Roach Studios and was an actor, producer, as well as a Director. Roach had a hand in the success of Harold Lloyd, Our Gang (Little Rascals), Will Rogers, and of course Laurel and Hardy to name a few. Apparently he was interviewed by Elwy Yost of the Canadian TV show entitled Saturday Night at the Movies, listen to what the Director thought of Laurel and Hardy.

Now that you know a bit about Stan & Ollie why not watch the trailer for yourself?

[Via] Entertainment One UK

Friends, since I mentioned Elwy Yost’s TV show, how about you take the time to watch this interview with John Candy from 1982!

[Via] TVO Channel


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