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I didn’t watch much Magnum, PI back when it was on television in the 1980s. Still, I knew the show existed, I knew what it was about and I knew its theme song. I’d catch clips here and there when my father would watch it. Or was it my mother. My memory is not 100% on this.

That theme music is synonymous with Tom Selleck. So much so that I often say that Tom’s mustache is the only mustache with its own theme song. Alright, that may also apply to the Ferrari that is seen so often in the show.

I had not made a Retroist Video Podcast in months and was itching to do one. Then it occurred to me that the reboot of Magnum, PI would be premiering on September 24th which gave me the idea to do something timely. I present to you the video version of The Retroist Podcast on Magnum, PI.

From The Retroist himself: “Welcome to the Retroist Magnum PI Podcast. Today’s show about that quintessential 1980s detective show, Magnum P.I. I begin by talking about how I enjoyed the show as a kid and then move onto the show itself. I talk about the show’s creation, the actors and characters, and the future of the Magnum character (not in the video version).

This being metagirl’s favorite TV show, she contributed not one, but two top 5 lists for this week’s show.”

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Not a video fan? Listen to the original audio episode.

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