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Saturday Frights: Readful Things Has Something For Ever Horror Fan!

Friends, when it comes to fan made or custom toys there are a lot of options out there for you to pick from. We have shined the spotlight on various artists now and again, everything from video game action figures that we would have killed to own back in the day to transforming an old radio into the town of Derry from Stephen King’s It. Which is why I felt I needed to share with you an artist known as Readful Things – who has tackled the likes of films from Squirm to the classic Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark line of books – transforming the properties into custom made action figures and collectibles!

Readful Things - Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark - Sam's New Pet
All images courtesy of Readful Things.

I want to thank John Squires of Bloody Disgusting for giving me the heads up on Readful Things in the first place. As most of you are aware, Academy Award winning Director Guillermo del Toro is producing a film adaptation based on the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. The movie which is filming at this very moment is Directed by Andre Ovredal, who delivered the fantastic Trollhunter in 2010 as well as The Autopsy of Jane Doe in 2016. This is obviously going to be aimed for a younger audience but I have no doubt, that we will see versions of those folklore and urban legends, that were collected in three volumes by Alvin Schwartz and illustrated so unnervingly by Stephen Gammell.

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Looking up information on the upcoming film is how I stumbled across John Squires article. As I have already mentioned though, artist Readful Things has created one of a kind collectibles on all manner of creepy and horror themed properties. How about this VHS cassette based off 1980’s The Shining?
Readful Things - The Shining

Obviously the reverse side of that particular collectible contains a familiar looking typewriter.
Readful Things - The Shining - Typewriter

Or what do you think of this custom action figure for the underrated 1987 thriller The Stepfather? I ask you in all seriousness, how much better looking would your toy shelf be with a Terry O’Quinn figure?
Readful Things - The Stepfather

I am pretty sure, Fright Fans, that there will come a point where the Projectionist and myself will have to cover The Stepfather on the Saturday Frights Podcast!

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One of the things I really dig is the amount of work that Readful Things has put in the packaging of the figures. For example the Mummy from the Tales from the Darkside: The Movie segment entitled Lot 249. Sure the packaging looks dinged up as if it were originally released back in 1990 – but if you look closely you will also see the incantation on the scroll that Steve Buscemi’s character recites to bring the Mummy to life.
Readful Things - Lot 249 - Tales from the Darkside the Movie

Perhaps though you don’t have the desire to add to your toy collection. Instead maybe you are looking for something that will catch people’s eyes on your classic video game shelf? In that case you need look no further than this custom made Atari cartridge and box art for 1981’s An American Werewolf in London!
Readful Things - An American Werewolf in London

You can hop on over to the artist’s Etsy store by following the link here. Remember that these are indeed one of a kind items – so the bad news is everything that I’ve shared with you has already been sold. That doesn’t mean however you can’t look through the 24 pages of previous work and enjoy the fan made pieces of art for what they are, right?

Something to keep in mind if you don’t care for things creepy and horrific, friends. Readful Things totally has you covered with more lighter fare too!

Readful Things - The Brave Little Toaster


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