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Retro Records: Transformers – The Special Teams (1986)

Friends, welcome back to another offering of Retro Records, although like we have been doing of late we are actually going to be listening to an audio cassette in this case. To be honest however it’s a pretty special one indeed – no pun intended. Thanks to Retro Robot Radio‘s YouTube channel we will be listening to 1986’s The Special Teams which was a UK exclusive, a gift for redeeming those robot points on the back of Transformers toy boxes. The Special Teams in fact gathers a number of different elements from the G1 animated series and features some classic Combiners – which is appropriate as in Europe they were known as Special Teams.

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I have to give thanks to The Transformers Wiki for a whole ton of interesting information about this audio cassette. First of all, while they do admit they aren’t positive, I agree the narrator certainly sounds like Don Henderson. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, know that Henderson was a prolific actor most notably known for his roles in The XYY Man, Brazil, and a little heard of film in 1977 called Star Wars – where he played General Taggi, the Imperial Officer who is quite concerned about the safety of the Death Star.

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The Special Teams actually recounts much of the Generation One storyline – courtesy of both the animated series as well as the Marvel Comics mini-series. For example when Starscream manages to bring to life the Combaticons – the mighty Combiners that form the dreaded Bruticus!
The Special Teams - Transformers G1 - Bruticus

Throw into the mix the explanation and descriptions of the Protectobots, the Stunticons, and Aerialbots and you have an awesome gem of an audio story. Although having said that I will admit the result is basically a 30 minute long advertisement for how amazing the Combiner or Special Teams are.

Grab your favorite snacks and beverages and join The Transformers as we listen to 1986’s The Special Teams!

This is by the way split into two parts as the entire story runs nearly 30 minutes.


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