The Transformers Nightbird Is Not An Impossible Toy Any Longer!

The Transformers Nightbird Is Not An Impossible Toy Any Longer!

Well, the Nightbird toy based on the character introduced in Enter the Nightbird, the sixth episode of season two of The Transformers is actually an impossible toy. Although I should point that I am in fact referring to it having been produced by Impossible Toys, Inc – which sadly is a 3rd party company that is no longer in operation. Like with their Nightbird figure they produced toys that Transformers fans craved but that Hasbro never got to back in the day or has even been seen in the Masterpiece collections.

In a nutshell, Enter the Nightbird finds Dr. Fujiyama’s latest invention – an advanced female robot ninja being stolen by the nefarious Decepticons. It doesn’t take long before the villainous Bombshell reprograms the robot – her power levels increased she is quickly released to strike against the Autobots and steal the World Energy Chip from Teletraan 1. This episode also has some remarkable moments between Starscream and Megatron – the sycophant actually showing when pushed too far he is willing to strike back…literally…against the fearsome leader of the Decepticons!

The deadly ninja robot became a fan favorite after her first and only appearance in The Transformers but Hasbro never manufactured a toy for her. Which is why Impossible Toys stepped in and fixed that issue and how Shea secured one of the figures for the arcade. So I made sure to take some photos of this pretty remarkable toy and share it with you all.
Nightbird - Impossible Toys - Top of Box - Arkadia Retrocade

Besides that retro-styled box art on the front of the box itself, Impossible Toys included a bio for the character too.
Nightbird - Impossible Toys - Bio - Arkadia Retrocade

Since it’s a Transformers toy, one designed to fit in with your actual G1 collection – you can be sure they include a Tech Specs on the back of the collector’s box as well!
Nightbird - Impossible Toys - Tech Specs - Arkadia Retrocade

Now just to be safe, Shea decided to leave Nightbird secure in her stasis lock state – because the last thing we need at a vintage arcade is a robotic ninja going nuts with her energy sword and nunchucks, right?
Nightbird - Impossible Toys - Energy Sword - Arkadia Retrocade

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the Nightbird figure for yourself, why not watch the actual episode she appeared in?


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